Viral NBA 2K22 TikTok reveals perfect LeBron James MyCareer build

Lawrence Scotti
LeBron James in NBA 2k22
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A TikTok has gone viral showing off exactly how to build a MyPlayer character in NBA 2K22 to be just like superstar LeBron James with his attributes, badges, and more.

The customization possibilities in MyPlayer mode allow for tons of creative build paths, allowing players to create exactly the kind of player they want in NBA 2K.

While many 2K players simply carve out their own path, there are plenty who copy the build of their favorite players and look to re-create their success.

For LeBron James fans looking to recreate his unique skillset, there is a viral TikTok making the rounds that shows you exactly how to execute the perfect build to play as the four-time MVP.

LeBron is one of the most popular basketball players ever.

Perfect LeBron James 2K MyPlayer build

The popular TikTok comes from former 2K League player Lanstradamus, whose page is dedicated to showing NBA 2K fans exactly how to build MyPlayers in the mold of their favorites.

In order to recreate LeBron, players have to set their height to 6’8″, weight to 210, wingspan to 7’4′, and Body Shape to “Built.”

Then, apply his specific stats into the balanced approach that Landstadamus sets out in his post. Just like King James, your MyPlayer will have a decent three-point shot, but will be a monster at midrange, and while back on defense.

This build also allows for 20 or more potential player badges in all four categories, which is a change of pace compared to some other builds that barely hit double digits in one or more of the categories.

Lanstradamus also has videos available for other superstar MyPlayer builds like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Chris Paul.