Streamer ZackTheTravelingGamer has Hilarious Reaction to NBA 2K19 Face Scan

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer ZackTheTravelingGamer had a hilarious reaction to his face being scanned into NBA 2K19.

While the game gives players a variety of facial options to choose from on the character creation menu, 2K likewise allows users to scan their own face into the system, giving them the ability to truly be part of the experience.

Zack booted up the game’s MyCAREER Prelude, and was astonished to see his likeness staring back at him. He moved his head and eyes in time with his character, letting out an astonished “What?”

He was so shocked that he said nothing for a long time afterward – either by his lack of hair or at the technology’s prowess.

He customized his hair to no avail and quit the application, stating that while his face was accurate, his hair didn’t make the cut.

He returned to the game and restarted the demo, reeling back in delight and shock at his completed character. Unlike his first attempt, this time, his hair made the cut – and the character was his spitting image.

“Oh my god, it’s me! Yo, oh my god, bro! I’m in the fucking game!”

Apparently, 2K’s face scanning system is quite tricky – so tricky, in fact, that there are a multitude of resources detailing how to get the most accurate scan to fulfill your dreams of being a pro player, including an article on the game’s support forums.

NBA 2K19 released on September 7, and marks the 20th game in the series.