Dr. DisRespect Called Out Tyler1, and Tyler Responded

Dr DisRespect and Tyler1’s epic rivalry continued over the weekend, as both The Doc and Tyler took shots at each other.

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Dr DisRespect and Tyler1 have been embroiled in a tense rivalry since Tyler1 challenged Dr DisRespect to an arm wrestling match at TwitchCon. The Doc has never officially accepted the challenge, but did mention on stream that it would be difficult due to the “massive height difference” between the two.

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However, with TwitchCon drawing close, The Doc has taken to Twitter to take a jab at his potential opponent. In that video, Dr DisRespect warns Tyler1 that he is “a freak of nature”, citing his 6’8” frame and his 37 inch vertical leap.

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The Doc also had some choice words about Tyler’s choice of games, stating;

“I look at you playing these little top-down League of Legends games…Scoot along. Because you’re not in my league.”

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Not to be outdone, Tyler1 responded with a video of his own. Standing in his shower, fully clothed, Tyler made The Doc aware of his 250 pounds of muscle and his IQ of 195, before asking Dr DisRespect; “Do you know who I am?”.

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Dr DisRespect and Tyler1 are two of the most popular streamers in the world today. Dr DisRespect is well known for his high octane gameplay in battle royale titles, while Tyler1 made his return to League of Legends this year, after being banned for two years for toxicity. Both streamers have an avid fan base, who will surely eat up this latest confrontation.

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While there is no official announcement of an arm wrestling match between the two, these videos will surely hype fans up ahead of what could be an epic confrontation.

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