Twitch Streamers Discover fans Stalking them through Discord

Twitch Streamers DisguisedToast and xChocobars discovered fan-run Discord channels that stalked their every move.

DisguisedToast shared the findings on his Twitch chat.

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“A Discord has recently been brought to my attention and I’m going to be as clear as I can. This is way over the line,” started Toast.

He later described what went on in the Discord, including tracking “each and every one of our movements, including our family members.”

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xChocobars, who frequently streams with DisguisedToast, was also being stalked in the Discord.

The stalkers were known and longtime members of Toast and xChocobars communities, even including a chat mod from Toast’s Twitch.

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There are multiple Discords according to DisguisedToast and not all of them have been discovered. The streamers gave those involved in other Discords an opportunity to apologize and come forward after the discovery of the first, but it did not happen.

“I haven’t gone through the entire list yet as I am aware of multiple Discords at this stage,” said Toast, who may involve the police to find the rest of the stalkers.

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xChocobars commented on how the stalking has affected her life, “I can’t sleep. I’m just so sad and disappointed. I trusted them so much… they updated our every move.”

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DisguisedToast is a member of OfflineTV, a house featuring multiple streamers playing games and creating IRL content.

Source: Reddit

Update: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that xChocobars was a member of OfflineTV.