NBA 2K23 player gets roasted after spending $400 on two MyPlayer builds

nba 2k23 myplayer buildsTake-Two Interactive

An NBA 2K23 player who spent $400 to upgrade two different MyPlayer builds is getting roasted on the official NBA 2K subreddit.

The NBA 2K community has made clear their frustrations with the basketball sim’s latest entry. Incredibly low VC payouts for challenges and quests sit at the forefront of critiques leveled against the game.

Players have also taken umbrage with how much in-game money and real money is required to max out user-created characters.

Evidently, these concerns won’t be alleviated anytime soon, and some fans have started blaming the ongoing monetization issue on those who spend excess money on in-game purchases.

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NBA 2K23 player roasted for funds spent on MyPlayer builds

Twitch streamer Recklezzz787 recently shared screenshots of their two MyPlayer builds on Twitter, only one of which is maxed at 99 OVR.

Notably, Recklezzz787 claims he invested $400 in real cash across the two creations. Getting his Point Guard from 98 to 99 alone ran the player a whopping 70,000 VC, which the player argues is an example of “2K robbing the community.”

Interestingly enough, other NBA 2K23 users believe players like the one above are part of the problem. “Don’t let this type of spending be the norm,” wrote veeno in a Reddit post that boasts over 1,500 upvotes.

Another Redditor agreed, noting that “this guy is the reason 2K won’t change.” Of course, several other users chimed in, as well.

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One person pointed out the absurdity of spending nearly six times the cost of the game to level up a couple of characters. “You could even buy a console,” another Redditor added.

It’s fair to argue that big spenders like the player above, or whales, help fuel 2K’s “greedy” monetization practices. As always, real change is unlikely to bubble to the surface until players start speaking with their wallets.