NBA 2K23 players delighted by dribbling change to tackle “cheesers”

Ryan Lemay
NBA 2k23 gameplay features outlined

Just as NBA 2K23 players started writing up their wishlists for the upcoming installment, 2K has revealed it is finally addressing the game’s dribbling issues.

Visual Concepts and 2K Games unveiled new gameplay enhancements coming to NBA 2K23. Notably, shooting, Badges, Takeovers, and AI are all receiving massive overhauls.

Fans have also demanded that the developers address “broken” three-second violations, with many noticing a glitch in the current title that allows players to hold the ball in the paint for as long as they want.

An issue members of the community have been adamantly complaining about is the abuse of dribbling mechanics. Often online or in the park, games devolve into ball-hogging dribble fests that don’t accurately represent actual basketball.

nba 2k22 2k23 charging foul issues
2K Games has yet to fix the charge-related bugs in NBA 2K.

2K addresses its “flashy dribbles” issue

Reddit user papareese shared new gameplay details that have been revealed and it appears previous gripes have fueled changes for the next installment.

The developers stated, “while it’s fun to clown your opponents with a flurry of flashy dribbles, we don’t want to encourage players to dribble the entire shot clock out while their teammates fall asleep.”

Players will lose energy faster when trying to chain together moves in NBA 2K23. New to the franchise are “attacking size-ups.” The new feature eliminates players’ ability to hold the ball and better emulates how NBA superstars dribble in real life.

Some are reluctant to accept the change is real. One user said, “take it with a grain of salt. It either gets patched, or it’s just to hype the game.”

A second user stated, “I just want good dribbling and a skill gap. I spend countless hours learning to 18 half spins in 20, dribbling is just skilless now.”

On paper, the changes promised sound like a great step in the right direction. However, NBA 2K players have been scorned before and won’t be satisfied until they get hands-on.