NBA 2K23 player customization request gets shut down and roasted

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k23 customization

Because of a misunderstanding, Reddit users roasted an NBA 2K player requesting customization options that permit eyeglasses in NBA 2K23.

Notably, the game limits players to donning sports goggles while playing NBA matches in recent NBA 2K entries. Other segments of the experience, such as MyPark, allow for a few other eccentricities.

Users in MyPark have the ability to equip their characters with sunglasses, googly eyeglasses, and other types of headwear.

However, one longtime NBA 2K fan has another type of customization option in mind, one that recently sparked lots of talk on the franchise’s official subreddit.

NBA 2K23 fans gets roasted over customization suggestion

Over the weekend, Potential-Farm-2425 took to Reddit to express their hope that NBA 2K23 will feature “regular eyeglasses.”

Since the Redditor mistakenly mentioned this desire in conjunction with MyCareer, they received myriad replies mocking the request as insensible.

“They wear sports Googles,” wrote Gotem_kicks1. “If you wear regular glasses they would easily come off even with the strap in the back.”

Potential-Farm-2425 quickly corrected themselves, clarifying that their hope for regular glasses is specific to MyPark or The City. As mentioned previously, these areas of the game typically allow players to express themselves with a more robust variety of customization options.

Since the game’s announcement earlier this summer, developer Visual Concepts has showcased everything from MyTeam upgrades to stamina and adrenaline changes.

Despite this, expansions to the customization in NBA 2K23 presently remain to be seen.

Thankfully, players won’t have to wait much longer to find out. The next installment in the long-running basketball sim series will come to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on Friday, September 9, giving fans a chance to finally jump into the action.