NBA 2K23 players demand devs ban “racist” player models

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NBA 2K23 players are demanding that the developers ban players who put racist imagery on MyPlayer characters used in online matches.

2K fans have been asking for lots of changes in the latest edition of the popular basketball sim.

One of the latest the community has outcried for is for their MyPlayer builds to be transferable between games, something that would lighten the enormous amount of money needed to compete online.

Now, players are asking the devs as Visual Concepts for another change regarding harassment in online lobbies.

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NBA 2K23 players want change to curtail “racist idiots”

A post on the NBA 2K Reddit went viral after a player spotted another player online who plastered their body in racist imagery and symbols.

In the post, they said: “How can you report some idiot with racist tattoos?”

In the comment section, fellow NBA 2K players were absolutely appalled the person was allowed to take this MyPlayer character online and wasn’t instantly banned for their behavior.

One player noted, “We can report all we want, 2K takes absolutely no action on these accounts, but is quick to take our money.”

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Another added, “Smfh, that’s just disgusting of them”

One 2K fan said the devs need to focus on curtailing this rather than other behavior, “This is what 2k should worry about instead of banning people for calling someone a bum for playing like a bum.”

Hopefully, for 2K23 players who play online often, the developers can begin to reduce this kind of behavior by banning players who engage in targeted harassment via their MyPlayer.

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