NBA 2K23 MyPlayers are getting their appearances changed at random

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NBA 2K23 MyPlayers are getting their appearances changed at random according to a handful of players who voiced concerns over the unexpected alterations.

NBA 2K23 players are known for dedicating insane amounts of time collecting cosmetics for their MyPlayers, gathering various outfits and accessories.

The appearance of your MyPlayer is quite important as it’s the character you’ll be taking onto the court to face off against other players on the blacktop.

Now, according to some players, their MyPlayers are getting their visuals all scrambled upon logging in for absolutely no reason.

NBA 2K23 MyPlayers appearances are being randomized

User cigaretteflow uploaded a picture of their MyPlayer whose outfit and been entirely randomized upon logging in.

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They said, “2K took it upon themselves to change my avatar completely.”

Their MyPlayer can be seen wearing long socks with crocs, a Timberwolves jersey, and a left-arm sleeve.

Fellow NBA 2K23 players in the comment section shared similar stories of their avatars getting randomized.

One player said, “Yes, multiple times, and they don’t even change it to the preset I chose at least.”

Another recounted how the strange bug happened to them as well, “Yep happened to me a couple of times. I think they just found my character ugly.”

Flow was furious and shared a follow-up to their initial post and said, “I’m heated AF. I’m currently drafting up a complaint email to 2K. They better fix this sh*t for me because I don’t know if I can remake my original character. That one was a work of art.”

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Clearly, NBA 2K23 fans have had enough of this bizarre glitch ruining their MyPlayer avatars at random, and hopefully for them, 2K Games can upload a fix soon.