NBA 2K23 fans want 8 features brought back in MyCareer

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nba 2k23 mycareer features

After revisiting older NBA 2K entries, fans have outlined the features they’d like to see return with NBA 2K23’s MyCareer mode.

NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode typically comes packed with options that allow users to manage the professional life of a user-created athlete.

The main goal, of course, is to join the NBA and participate in a team’s hopeful path to the NBA Finals. But a MyPlayer character can also enjoy other facets of celebrity, including hedging their bets on the fashion world.

While NBA 2K22 introduced users to the latter feature, fans have noticed that other noteworthy aspects of the experience have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

NBA 2K23 fans want 2K to revisit older MyCareer features

For a post on the official NBA 2K subreddit, user Mental_Ad2880 reminisced on the MyCareer options that filled the likes of NBA 2K11.

In so doing, the Redditor listed a host of features they hope will return in some fashion to this year’s version of the MyCareer mode.

  • Draft combine and Pre-Draft Interviews
  • Draft and Mock Draft
  • Contract Negotiations and Rookie Contract
  • Key Games, Rival games, Key Player matchups, or games that have playoff implications
  • Dynamic Goals, Milestones, Coach Feedback
  • G-League, Summer League, Training Camp, Legends Training Camp
  • Gm Sit Down, Rumor Mill, Tradesm, Injuries
  • Create A Legend, [Ability to] Edit/Add Players To Roster

Several Redditors seem to agree with Mental_Ad2880’s line of thinking. A post from PactusJack about NBA 2K11 constituting the “best 2K hands down” has, thus far, received well over 100 upvotes.

JackHeRare noted how they long for the days when NBA 2K’s MyPlayer characters could sustain injuries “outside of scripted events.”

Meanwhile, while they, too, miss MyCareer’s earlier incarnations, Kyroshi718 posited that such features may have been jettisoned because The City and MyTeam now act as the mode’s “main sellers.”

2K Games recently unveiled a revamped MyCareer for NBA 2K23 but time will tell whether or not it’s the experience players want. The upcoming basketball sim hits stores on Friday, September 9.

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