NBA 2K23 MyCareer jailed rookie concept is so good fans want it to be real

Lawrence Scotti
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An NBA 2K fan’s bizarre MyCareer concept is so wild that players want it to be a reality when NBA 2K23 officially drops.

Every iteration of the NBA 2K series brings a new take on the single-player MyCareer mode. Often, the direction of the MyCareer mode divides players as some want to build their MyPlayer outside of the single-player mode which often takes up a lot of time.

With NBA 2K23 just around the corner, one fan has taken matters into their own hands and built a crazy cinematic for MyCareer of their own.

nba 2k23 new gameplay features teased
NBA 2K23’s release is rapidly approaching.

NBA 2K23 players’ custom MyCareer video shocks fans

YouTuber Y2K Sports uploaded a fan-made trailer for their take on MyCareer mode on August 9.

The video, titled, “The Yard,” follows the story of a young basketball player arrested on a gun charge who must serve a two-year jail sentence. After being released, he must crawl his way to relevance after joining the UCLA college basketball program.

Y2K included superstar actor Willem Defoe as the UCLA head coach, who defends his investment in you from the media and is framed as a mentor figure. The YouTuber even pulled Defoe’s actual voice lines from real-life appearances to use in the video, making it feel more realistic.

The rise of your player in MyCareer is so epic even LeBron James ends up tweeting about your rags-to-riches story.

The video went massively viral in the NBA 2K community, getting over 100k views in a single day.

Users in the comment section were stunned by the video. One said, “Incredible, you’re more talented and creative than the guys at 2K.”

Another user wanted to see this type of storyline become a reality, “This would be a dope ass storyline hopefully we get a storyline like this one day on 2K23.”

With the basketball sim about to be released, it seems like players are yearning for a story-rich MyCareer this year.

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