NBA 2K23 now handing out free VC over broken badges glitch

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After submitting error reports about the core badge glitches, an NBA 2K23 player received free VC as compensation.

NBA 2K’s MyPlayer system received a host of changes for the newest release in the long-running series. One such adjustment involves the addition of core badge slots, which allow players to equip a single badge for each main category – finishing, playmaking, shooting, and defense/rebounding.

In essence, the core badges should permit more build flexibility for user-created characters. But the system isn’t without its flaws.

Most notably, NBA 2K23 players continue to run into issues while trying to equip core badges. Error codes pop up in some instances, for example, rendering the new system useless.

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NBA 2K23 user receives free VC as badge glitch compensation

In a post on Reddit, LessMeringue1850 shared a screenshot of a message they recently received from 2K’s customer support team.

The customer support representative claimed the player’s report regarding an inability to equip badges in NBA 2K23 “has been successfully documented.”

However, because the support and development crews function across two separate departments, the rep was unable to offer a timeline on when the necessary fixes will go live.

The support rep did provide the NBA 2K23 player with compensation in the form of free VC, though. Apparently, 15,000 VC is the maximum that could be provided to the customer for their “patience and collaboration.”

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Many of the player’s fellow Reddit users aren’t impressed with the rewarded sum. “15K/$5 worth of VC is barely enough to buy a hoodie from Swags,” one user chimed in.

The original poster joked they can now buy a durag, small fry for someone who says they’ve spent upwards of 130,000 VC on one build.

A few Redditors think something is better than nothing, though. Compensation is compensation, after all. Still, it seems most simply want this particularly nagging issue to receive a proper fix from developers.