NBA 2K23 YouTuber reveals difference badges and attributes make

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An NBA 2K23 YouTuber created a series of videos testing every attribute and badge to help players save money.

MyCareer allows users to create their own NBA players and use them offline or online in modes like ProAm and The Rec. However, NBA 2K23 players are frustrated over the game’s “greedy” monetization practices.

It requires roughly 270,000 of the game’s in-game currency (VC) to max out the attributes of a MyPlayer, equating to over $100 worth for just a single player. An NBA 2K23 player was roasted after spending $400 on two MyPlayer builds.

A segment of the community decided only to play offline NBA 2K23 game modes, avoiding microtransactions. Fortunately, an NBA 2K YouTuber made a series of videos on the best badges and attributes so players don’t unnecessarily waste money.

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What are the best NBA 2K23 badges and attributes?

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NBA 2K23 players have roasted MyPlayer’s monetization system.

NBA 2K YouTuber NBA 2K Tutes made several videos going over NBA 2K23’s attributes and badges.

Reddit user TomorrowLazy wanted to learn more about creating a MyPlayer build without wasting points, so they compiled a list based on the NBA 2K Tute’s videos.

The YouTuber recommends “Handles 4 Days” and “Hyperdrive” as must-use badges for dribblers. Tutes also suggests the “Green Machine” badge for shooters, giving a boost to shots after consecutive green timings.

As for attributes, the YouTuber lists acceleration as essential to upgrade and claims it pairs well with the “Quick First Step” badge. Quick First Step allows ball handlers to be quicker and more effective out of triple threat and size-up situations.

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For forwards and centers, the YouTuber recommends “Vice Grip” and “Anchor” badges. Vice Grip helps with rebounding and catching passes in the paint, while Anchor makes it easier to block shots in and out of the paint.

There are plenty of other badges and attributes, but the YouTuber has only tested a handful.