NBA 2K23 dev reveals early results of gameplay testing

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NBA 2K23 developers have revealed some early feedback they have received from players testing the new dribbling mechanics.

A dribbling change to tackle “cheesers” delighted NBA 2K23 players earlier in August, when it was confirmed. Also coming to next year’s installment are significant changes to adrenaline, green shots, and signature jumpers.

Players lose energy faster when trying to chain together moves in NBA 2K23. New to the franchise are “attacking size-ups.” The new feature eliminates players’ ability to hold the ball and better emulates how NBA superstars dribble in real life.

The developers stated, “While it’s fun to clown your opponents with a flurry of flashy dribbles, we don’t want to encourage players to dribble the entire shot clock out while their teammates fall asleep.”

NBA 2K23 players responded positively to the dribbling changes in the playtest.

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Jordan Poole celebrating a three-point make in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 dev reveals stamina and fatigue feedback

NBA 2K YouTuber JumpmanGerm tweeted a clip of the new stamina feature in action.

The video shows a drastic change in player stamina and forces players to pass or make a move to the basket instead of ball-hogging.

NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang responded, “So far, all of the feedback from playtests have been that defense is favored over the offense. So I think we’re in a good spot.”

Previously, 2K players complained offense overpowered defense, but this year’s game looks to justify that issue.