NBA 2k22 TikTok reveals speed boosting is down bad after update

Alec Mullins
James Harden dribbling in NBA 2K22
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A viral TikTok shows off exactly how bad speed-boosting was nerfed in NBA 2k22, and the community is celebrating the overdue change and saying goodbye to the age of dribble spamming.  

The days of fearing every Playmaking Shot Creator in the park or at the Rec Center are well and truly over, and thanks to the December 1 update, players can feel safe knowing that their ankles won’t be getting taken by that same left-to-right dribble move anymore.

While 2K has attempted to nerf moves like this in the past, it never seemed to keep the tide down for long, but TikToker ‘doubleh’ is here to show us exactly how this change is the one that’s going to right the ship permanently.

Speed boosting nerfed in NBA 2k22

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Players are celebrating the arrival of the speed-boosting nerfs in hilarious fashion.

The demonstration of how that update slowed things down shows a player dribbling across the edge of the three-point line in a shootaround.

As he hits the left-to-right crossover, instead of catching the normal speed boost and zooming away, his character is visibly slowed down.

This nerf is already been a popular change, and as one commenter pointed out, it’s one that will likely raise the game’s skill gap: “Oh noo, people actually have to get good at the game now”

Another user suggested that any player who doesn’t like this switch-up will be taking their frustrations out on older editions of the game: “I just know [2K]21 parks finna be full now”

This update is clearly a step in the right direction in the eyes of the community, and it’s already encouraging players to come back to the game.

As tmillien said in the comments: “Let’s go, finally time to play some 2k.”