The Kid Laroi’s wholesome interaction with paparazzi goes viral on TikTok

Jacob Hale
the kid laroi paparazzi
YouTube: Tru Paps

The Kid Laroi still seems to be adapting to life as a famous artist, as proven by this viral footage of him speaking with paparazzi and looking utterly confused.

Laroi — real name Charlton Howard — has not long been at the top of the music chain. He really started to enter the mainstream in 2020 with songs such as Go with Juice Wrld and Addison Rae, a homage to the popular TikTok star.

He’s now grown to huge international appeal throughout 2021 though, with singles such as Without You and Stay (featuring Justin Bieber) topping charts and putting him firmly in the limelight.

The Australian star has moved across the world to the United States, taking residence in California, and this paparazzi interaction clearly took him by surprise.

Perhaps not used to the paps and having the spotlight on him in such a way, when the paparazzi first approached him, Laroi looked at a loss for words.

Being asked whether new music was coming, a confused Laroi looked around and simply asked “What is this?” with a baffled smile creeping through.

After being told it’s an interview and that he’s “the hottest rapper,” Laroi just said thank you and slowly backed into his car after being asked about working with Addison Rae and her upcoming film ‘She’s All That.’

Finally, still looking confused, he sits in the back of the car and closes the door, his first paparazzi experience leaving him utterly perplexed.

It’s definitely something he’s going to have to get used to but, for now, fans are absolutely loving this footage and how out of his depth the rising rapper looks.

The videos have accrued millions of views across TikTok, and if anything, they’ve only made fans like him even more.