Woman stunned as random dad ‘dumps’ daughter with her at Olivia Rodrigo concert

Bee Delores
Olivia Rodrigo performing in concert

A father left his nine-year-old girl alone at an Olivia Rodrigo concert, and a stranger shared the sad story online.

Olivia Rodrigo kicked off her Guts World Tour on February 23 with a show in Palm Springs, California. In support of her second album, Guts, the tour, seemed to get off to a good start until an incident at the second show that weekend.

What should have been a joyous occasion wasn’t so for one little girl, who was dumped at the February 24 show in Phoenix, as her father randomly dropped her off at the concert – and instead of accompanying her, he decided to take a nap in the car.

That’s what one stranger alleged in a series of posts shared on Twitter/X during the show.

Olivia Rodrigo performing a set during a concert
Olivia Rodrigo performs at the Theater at Ace Hotel in LA

Young girl was left alone at Olivia Rodrigo concert

Twitter/X user UnrealShrike shared her experience as she witnessed a man dump his daughter at the Olivia Rodrigo concert and leave without her. Along with a friend, the 20-something woman tried to make sure the young girl was comfortable and safe.

Allegedly, the unknown man dropped off his “crying nine-year-old daughter” after he purchased tickets to the show but “didn’t want to sit through the concert and needed someone to walk her to her seat,” the user said. “We tried cheering her up by asking her her favorite Olivia and Taylor songs.”

The user called out the father’s “carelessness and incompetence” as “disgusting,” they wrote. “Knowing girl is going to grow up and remember her father couldn’t be bothered to sit through a concert with her and left her crying with a group of girls telling her that she’s ‘independent’ and ‘will be fine’ breaks my heart.”

In a follow-up post, UnrealShrike wanted to clarify a few things. Reportedly, the father never requested their phone numbers in case something went wrong. The women also took the young girl past the gate to security to clue them in on what was going on However, security personnel only pointed to the young girl’s section and “told us someone will keep an eye on her.”

The women then gave the girl a bottle of water and later made their way to their section on a lower level. While the women gave the young girl their phone numbers, in case of an emergency or to meet up after the show, the girl did not reach out. She seemingly reunited with her father after the concert.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour continues on February 27 with a show at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.