Stanley cup rush at Target ends in disaster after woman faceplants in crowd

Meera Jacka
Woman mortified after faceplanting in Target while trying to purchase Stanley cup

A woman has sworn she’ll never return to Target after faceplanting in-store on her way to purchase a viral Valentine’s Day Stanley cup.

Target’s Stanley cups are currently all the rage, drawing in thousands of eager customers as they scramble to snag one for themselves.

With the cups selling out as soon as they hit the shelves, Target has had to put in place a purchase limit to manage the madness in stores and keep up with demand.

One woman who bought a Valentine’s Day Stanley cup, however, claims she will never be able to shop at Target again after faceplanting in her rush to grab one of the popular cups.

Meagan Henagan Howard, who goes by ‘meaganfetchhappen‘ on TikTok, took to the social media platform to recount the “embarrassing” experience.

She said, “Let’s flashback to yesterday at 8 AM. The doors open, it’s a stampede, I’m running through the check-out line to try to get to the Stanleys, and my Ugg catches in the floor. I fly — I splatted like a bug on the floor, like completely faceplanted.”

After recovering from her fall and buying one of the sought-after cups, Meagan returned the next day in hopes of getting to see security footage of her fall. This was where things took a turn for the worst; “They go in the room with the camera footage… they come out laughing after just watching me face plant on the floor.”

The workers then allegedly told Meagan that although they couldn’t show her the footage, she “really ate it”.

While unable to see footage of the actual fall itself, Meagan did post another TikTok filmed by her 9-year-old nephew showcasing the pair’s flight through the store on their way to the Standley cups.

“Now not only am I embarrassed by the people who witnessed this firsthand, but now I know the employees are probably going around showing everybody the video of me eating it,” Meagan said. “Now I’m known as the girl who fell. Like they already had heard that someone had fallen, but then I mistakenly asked them for the footage and now they saw it too.”

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