JoJo Siwa fans think she “fell off” after revealing pregnancy plans

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jojo siwa pregnancy plans

JoJo Siwa revealed intimate details about her future children and fans were shocked.

JoJo Siwa, 20, grew up under the wing of Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms but has continued to make a name for herself with music and staying relevant on YouTube.

While Siwa has not revealed yet if she’s in a relationship, she has shared that she plans to start a family, hoping to have as many as three children.

However, after Siwa said that she’ll be using a sperm donor to help conceive, fans reacted in shock, saying she’s ‘unrecognizable.’

Fans say JoJo Siwa “fell off”

Siwa went on Access Hollywood in late February and pointed out two new tattoos dedicated to her future kids.

“I actually have two tattoos dedicated to them. This one is dedicated to my baby girl one day — her name’s Freddy. Then this is dedicated to my twin boys, Eddy and Teddy,” Siwa excitedly expressed.

Siwa continued to explain that she’ll be happy with three babies and that she has a “sperm donor lined up.”

While Access Hollywood asked Siwa who her sperm donor would be, she played coy and didn’t reveal his name.

After fans heard of Siwa’s plans, they took to X/Twitter to express how different she is compared to when they watched her on Dance Moms.

“I can’t even believe this is the jojo I knew back then. Eww,” wrote one user.

“Whoa.. I barely recognized her,” said another.

One fan even said Siwa “fell off,” while another deemed her tattoos and sperm donor ‘cringy.’

Though Siwa knows exactly what she’ll do when it’s time to have kids, she didn’t reveal her timeframe. Fans will just have to wait until some form of a pregnancy announcement.

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