MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass: Price, tiers, rewards, & more

MultiVersus Season 2 Battle PassWarner Bros. Games

With MultiVersus Season 2 now in full swing, a brand new Battle Pass is now available for players to claim limited-time rewards. So from how much it all costs to a look at what’s included in the 50 Tiers, we’ve got you covered on everything there is to know.

Now that MultiVersus Season 2 has come into focus, so too has a fresh Battle Pass. Dozens of unique rewards are up for grabs, with the likes of new skins, icons, and plenty of in-game currency all available.

As you would expect, players can interact with this Battle Pass for free, or opt into the premium track in order to claim the more lucrative goodies. But regardless of whether you invest or not, everyone still has to earn their way through by completing daily and seasonal missions.

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So if you’re curious as to whether the grind is worth it, read on to take a full look at everything included in the MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass.

MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass Price

Just the same as in Season 1, the MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass will run you $9.99 USD in total. This is the required amount in order to first acquire 950 Gleamium from the in-game store. Once your account is good to go, simply use this in-game currency to then purchase the premium Battle Pass.

Marvin the MartianWarner Bros.
MultiVersus Season 2 is packed full of new content with plenty more still yet to come.

MultiVersus Season 2 Battle Pass: All Tiers & Rewards

A whopping 50 Tiers of new items are available in the Season 2 Battle Pass with everything from new Banners and Icons to Ringout VFX variations and Taunts all up for grabs. Below is a full rundown on all 50 Tiers.

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TierFree Tier RewardsPremium Tier Rewards
1Pixel Finn (Profile Icon)Astronaut Velma (Velma Variant)
250 GoldUtility Belt (Batman Taunt)
3Shaggy Ringouts: (Badge)XP Boost
45 ToastsBoom (Sticker)
5Hope (Profile Icon)5 Toasts
650 GoldBanner
85 ToastsNunchucks (Shaggy Taunt)
9Old School Jam (Profile Icon)5 Toasts
1050 GoldBanner
115 ToastsToast (Sticker)
12Bacon Pancakes (Profile Icon)XP Boost
145 ToastsSteven Stars (Profile Icon)
15Starlight (Profile Icon)5 Toasts
16XP BoostUmbrella (Gizmo Taunt)
1750 GoldBanner
18PerkBlade of Grass (Ringout VFX)
19Bugs Bunny Ringouts (Badge)XP Boost
2150 GoldBanner
22Zoinks (Profile Icon)Yawn (Arya Stark Taunt)
23XP Boost5 Toasts
245 ToastsBanner
25Ghost (Profile Icon)Fireworks (Ringout VFX)
26PerkXP Boost
27Batman Ringouts (Badge)Banner
28The Wabbit (Profile Icon)10 Toasts
295 ToastsTease (Bugs Bunny Taunt)
3050 GoldButtered Toast (Sticker)
31Reindog Ringouts (Badge)Toxic Explosion (Ringout VFX)
32Nice Shot, Puddin’ (Profile Icon)XP Boost
335 ToastsBoom Tube (Ringout VFX)
34250 Gold10 Toasts
35XP BoostBanner
36Mogwai Stripe (Profile Icon)Banner
375 ToastsTaz Hungry (Taz Taunt)
38250 GoldBanner
39No Following (Profile Icon)Lava Breath (Ringout VFX)
40Toxic Morty (Profile Icon)20 Toasts
415 ToastsBanner
42250 GoldTea Time (Reindog Variant)
43Princess Diana (Profile Icon)Shield and Bubbles (Ringout VFX)
44PerkDance (Garnet Taunt)
45250 GoldBanner
46Finn Ringouts (Badge)Nap Time (Tom & Jerry Taunt)
47Super Nova (Ringout VFX)20 Toasts
485 ToastsBanner
49250 GoldObsidian (Ringout VFX)
50Baker Street Tom & Jerry (Variant)Maestro Bugs (Variant)