MultiVersus goes dark: Fighting game taken down as devs prepare for full launch in 2024

Eleni Thomas

MultiVersus has been shut down for the remainder of 2023 so that devs Player First Games can work on fully releasing the title at the beginning of 2024.

When the MultiVersus beta first launched, the game was filled with active players. The Smash Bros-like gameplay, great roster of Warner Bros. characters, and unique features immediately piqued the interest of fighting fans across the gaming community.

With the likes of Scooby Doo, Velma, Superman, Wonderwoman and more all playable characters, Player First Games seemingly struck gold with the concept and having access to some of the most iconic characters across the entertainment industry.

However, the game dipped off in the months that followed, with delays and bugs becoming a bigger issue over time. As a result, the devs decided to pull the Beta down altogether as they shit focus to a full launch in 2024.

In a brand new Twitter post, the MultiVersus devs announced that the game will officially be shutting down for the rest of 2023 as the team prepares it for a full launch in 2024. While no exact date was given for this launch, it is expected that it will be early in 2024.

MultiVersus shuts down and eyes early 2024 full launch

The confirmation tweet reads as the following. “MVPs, thank you for the support during Open Beta! The feedback and inspiration has been amazing. Open Beta will close on June 25 as we prepare for full launch in early 2024. MultiVersus will be back better than ever with new content, features, modes & more when we return.”

Time will tell what this fully released Multiversus title will look like. With a solid roster already established, here’s hoping that even more characters and voice actors join in on the action and that players are given an even greater fighting experience in 2024.

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