TommyInnit & Tubbo go dating in Minecraft with "TikTok girl" with hilarious results - Dexerto

TommyInnit & Tubbo go dating in Minecraft with “TikTok girl” with hilarious results

Published: 27/Aug/2021 12:25

by Sam Comrie


Everyone is looking for that special someone. Minecraft could be the place to find it as TommyInnit looks for the love of his life.

There are plenty of options for e-daters out there. Love and companionship is available from your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what app you choose either. You’ll eventually find that special someone, if you haven’t already.

Yet, if you’re looking to spice things up, then Minecraft might be the way forward.

As popular YouTuber TommyInnit shows, a blocky romance is possible if you try hard enough.

Minecraft Love
Minecraft boasts over 130 million users worldwide.

Minecrafter’s are trying to find the one

TommyInnit is well known for his tales of hilarity across Minecraft. Bringing us laser eye mods and player invasions, there will always be something glorious to find. Tommy’s latest tale begun where romance flourishes best: TikTok.


Backed by his best wingman Tubbo, Tommy got ready for his date with Beautie. His knees were weak and his arms were heavy, but this didn’t stop Tommy from changing his character into dapper attire. What better to place to learn about a potential suitor, than the grassy vistas Tommy had selected.

Bringing Beautie to only the finest of dining establishments, Tubbo pumped premium smooth jazz into the airwaves. The start of a wonderful evening was appearing.

However, Tubbo had other plans in mind. Establishing the ground rules of the dating arena, the “shut-up” bell was introduced. Because only the most elite fine dining experiences have such amenities.


Tubbo’s service industry skills are questionable, but this didn’t stop the sparks of romance from lighting. “What’s your favorite seasoning?” asked Beautie.

With loaded questions about seasoning, this led onto more pressing topics. “Why do you sound like that?” Tommy said in confusion. Beautie’s dulcet Scottish tones clearly flustered the streamer. “I’m f*cking Scottish!” proclaims Beautie, as Tubbo set the restaurant on fire. The fires of chaos soon took over the date.

The date might gone well in Beautie’s eyes, but the chances of a second date are still up in the air.