Froste’s mega 41-day Twitch subathon ends after raising over $100,000

Froste and Twitch logoTwitter: Froste/Twitch

Former 100 Thieves star Froste has finally brought his mega subathon to a close after 41 days, beating the time held by some of Twitch’s biggest names.

In the last few months, Subathons have become pretty huge on Twitch. The name of the game is that the stream continues for as long as people are continuing to subscribe.

Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren shined a massive spotlight on the trend when he went 31 days on stream, breaking the total subscriber record that had previously been held by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

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Since Ludwig’s historic stream, plenty of other streamers have surpassed the 31-day mark, many going for as long as 35 days. Yet, in the case of Froste, he managed to even further than that.

Froste TwitchTwitch: Froste
Froste encountered many obstacles during his Twitch subathon.

The former 100 Thieves member managed to go for 41 days – or 879 hours – on his subathon as he also managed to raise a whopping $100,000 for the charity Gamers Outreach.

“I honestly cannot believe it’s over. Thank you everyone who tuned in, subbed, donated, or contributed in any way shape or form,” Froste tweeted on August 26. “I love you guys and i’ll see you soon. So f**king proud of my community.”

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Froste also tweeted that bringing the broadcast to an end was a pretty emotionally overwhelming moment. “The tears started flowing as soon as a hit the “end stream” button,” he added.

Just like every other subathon, Froste’s mega stream had a few bumps along the way – with his biggest issue coming as PayPal blocked his account for some time. Thankfully, he managed to resolve that.

The Twitch star also stated that he would be going over the analytics of the stream with his viewers, just to show how big of an undertaking it all was. It’s sure to be impressive.

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