Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade reveals cancer diagnosis after 2 month hiatus

Michael Gwilliam
Technoblade reveals cancer diagnosisYouTube/Technoblade

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has announced that he’s been diagnosed with cancer in a return video.

On August 27, the content creator explained that he had been feeling incredibly productive in June and was trying very hard to get business deals done, improve his videos, and more.

However, after experiencing some pain in his right arm, he took a few days off to try and recover, to no avail. After a few days, he noticed his shoulder was swelling and assumed he had broken a bone, so he went to the hospital where he was told the bad news.

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“They performed a couple of scans and told me the reason my arm hurts is because I have cancer,” he explained. “That really couldn’t have gone worse.”

Despite the diagnosis, the YouTuber still joked at how silly it was to have cartoon Minecraft footage playing over such a serious reveal.

This all said, the YouTuber is undergoing chemotherapy and is remaining in high spirits. “The first couple days were actually pretty chill, and then it kicked in and my energy levels hit zero. They were absolutely nothing.”

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Fans were pretty stunned by the news. While at first, they were happy he uploaded again, the revelation that he has cancer hit them hard.

Throughout the video he frequently made jokes, such as how no one took the diagnosis worse than his health care provider.

“I think they’re the real victims in this,” he said sarcastically. “They could have been milking money off me for decades and then ‘bam’ cancer.”

Before his next round of chemo, the YouTuber plans on playing more games and even making some videos, confident that his doctors can get the job done.

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Fellow Minecraft YouTuber Dream even announced that he would be donating $1 to cancer research for every coin that members of his team earn. “Get to have fun and put money towards a good cause,” he said.

To top this off, awesamdude even said that he would match it, amplifying the good cause.

Hopefully, Technoblade can get a speedy recovery and can return to living his life to the fullest soon.

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