What happened to Colby Brock? YouTuber celebrates cancer-free diagnosis

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber Colby Brock is celebrating being cancer-free after getting diagnosed with testicular cancer earlier this year.

Colby Brock is a fairly popular influencer and one-half of the Sam & Colby YouTube channel, which boasts over 9 million subscribers.

Although both Colby and his BFF, Sam, are best known for their paranormal investigations and exploring haunted houses, Colby’s fanbase was rocked earlier this year when he revealed he’d been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

According to Colby, he’d felt a “bruise-like pain” in the area in November 2022, and finally saw a doctor about the issue in January 2023. Eventually, surgeons removed the affected testicle in February, but claimed that Colby wasn’t totally out of the woods, saying there was still a 35% chance the cancer could return.

Colby Brock gives update on testicular cancer diagnosis

Colby underwent chemotherapy on April 24, calling it the “craziest mental challenge of my life.” According to the YouTuber, this round of chemo was initially supposed to last for a 21-day period — but he had to undergo another round after his tumor markers shot up again.

Months later, Colby returned to social media with major news: He is officially cancer-free.

The influencer celebrated this health update in both a YouTube video and an Instagram post on July 9, where he detailed his journey through his diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Colby also claimed that he was able to keep his hair through chemotherapy thanks to ‘cold capping,’ which places a freezing cold cap onto a person’s head that needs to be changed out every 25 minutes.

Colby Brock wears a 'cold cap' to help prevent hair loss from cancer.
Colby Brock wears a ‘cold cap’ to help prevent hair loss from cancer.

According to Colby, it was Sam who changed out his cold caps every single day, and he was taught how to do the experimental procedure by trained professionals who flew out to instruct him.

“Sam was by my side every single day, and every single thirty minutes he had to come undo all my straps and then put on a new cold cap for hours a day,” Colby said. “Who has a friend who would do that for them? I am so grateful. …I owe him everything. That man is my best friend.”

Colby went on to thank his viewers and directed them to a GoFundMe he and Sam created to help spread awareness and raise money for FCancer.

Colby Brock isn’t the only YouTuber to have struggled with a cancer diagnosis, lately. Fellow YouTuber and author Hank Green was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in May and is currently undergoing treatment.

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