Minecraft streamer breaks the game after walking 10hrs a day for over a year

Zackerie Fairfax
minecraft world border feature image

A Twitch streamer has spent the past 420 days walking in Minecraft with one goal in mind: reaching the end of the world and falling to his death.

Minecraft players often claim that each survival world spans an infinite number of blocks allowing for limitless creation. And while the possibilities of what players can achieve in a single world are near endless, the world itself is not.

A Minecraft world actually has a limit of 32 million blocks in each direction. In older versions of the game, players could pass this border but would fall to their deaths. In newer versions, an actual physical barrier prevents players from going beyond these blocks.

Thanks to the availability of older versions, players can still walk million of blocks into the abyss. And that’s exactly what Twitch streamer MysticalMidget accomplished on July 10, 2022.

minecrat farlandsAt a certain point, Minecraft can no longer generate chunks properly resulting in the mysterious “far lands”

Minecraft player travels 32 million blocks

On July 10, MysticalMidget was the first Minecraft player in history to walk to the farthest world border. Playing the Minecraft Beta 1.7 version of the sandbox simulator, he spent 2,500 hours across 420 days to complete this feat.

Instead of bumping into a wall at the end of his journey, Mystical encountered ghost chunks. These are chunks that look normal – albeit corrupted by the game’s inability to generate biomes properly – but aren’t actually there.

As you can see in the clip below, as soon as MysticalMidget enters the ghost chunks, he falls through the ground to his death.

You may also notice a few other odd things happening in the clip. After Mystical hit a certain point, Minecraft struggled to properly display his walking animation. Instead of smooth movement, the blocks he passes by look like a slideshow.

Watching the stream further, the game struggles to the extent where he isn’t able to respawn. Instead, he is forced to load a backup of where he started the stream before jumping to his death. And for the first time in over a year, MysticalMidget returned to his home base.

Once it was all over, and he said his ‘goodbyes’ to Beta 1.7, the streamer jumped 11 years into the future and started playing Minecraft 1.19.

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