Minecraft player is recreating all of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule in-game

Minecraft breath of the wildGrazzy

Content creator Grazzy is using Minecraft to rebuild the entirety of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule.

In the years since it first took the world by storm, Minecraft has been used to build many awe-inspiring creations. Inventive players have taken it upon themselves to design entire cities in the world of Minecraft.

Houses, castles, and the like crop up every so often as well, occasionally going viral on social media due to their intricate details.

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Users have even designed full-on games with Minecraft tools, the experiences ranging from racers and RPGs to Doom-like shooters and platformers. But is it possible to bring the land of Hyrule to Mojang’s sandbox? Apparently so.

YouTuber’s Breath of the Wild recreation in Minecraft is impressive

YouTuber Grazzy has tasked himself with reconstructing every inch of Breath of the Wild in the Mojang-created sandbox game. And given the sheer size of Hyrule, this project isn’t exactly a simple one.

Speaking with IGN, the content creator said he’s long dreamed of building BOTW in Minecraft and started by reconstructing the former’s Great Plateau region.

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This starting effort paid dividends, evidenced by the 1.4 million views on the build’s first YouTube video. Grazzy released the video in question over a year ago; he’s made a lot of progress since then, too.

Fortunately, the creator has also discovered tools to facilitate the ongoing endeavor. “I found this software that allowed me to simply import a height map of Breath of the Wild into Minecraft,” he told IGN. “So I had the whole base map done off the start. I just had to add all the extra stuff in… So once I found the workaround, it was kind of really easy to get started…”

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Thus far, in addition to the Great Plateau, Grazzy’s completed work on Faron, the Gerudo Desert, Lanayru, Neculda, and Zora’s Domain. What’s left is Hebra and Tabantha, Central Hyrule, Death Mountain, and the Korok Forest’s surrounding areas.

Minecraft breath of the wildGrazzy
Breath of the Wild – Zora’s Domain in Minecraft

Each region takes three or more months to build in full, with the first several weeks devoted to planning. As such, things usually require more time than anticipated but Grazzy says he takes in all in stride.

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And to date, he’s most proud of his work on Zora’s Domain due to the difficulty of replicating its many intricacies, as seen in the screenshot above.

The YouTuber hopes to finish the Breath of the Wild project in Minecraft by this year’s end.