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Dream kicks Minecraft streamer Jikishi from SMP server after grooming accusations

Published: 26/Oct/2021 6:26

by Brad Norton


Just 48 hours after Minecraft streamer Jikishi was invited to Dream’s private SMP server, the up-and-coming content creator has been kicked out following multiple grooming accusations across social media.

Multiple accusations against Jikishi, otherwise known as Demetrius, surfaced on Twitter on October 25. These Twitter posts allege the Minecraft streamer was “grooming underage fans” over the past few years.

Some who spoke out were allegedly as young as 12 when Jikishi began messaging them. One individual, Valkcy, wrote on October 25: “I trusted him like family”. Over the years and through years of online messaging though, they explained, the dynamic between them “shifted.”


“He would frequently ask me for nudes and ‘joke’ about us sending nudes to each other. When I was 14 & 15, Demetrius and I exchanged explicit pictures. He was 19 & 20.”

Discord messages
Twitter: valkcy
Jikishi was allegedly in talks with multiple underage girls at once.

In another case, the Minecraft personality allegedly asked to meet a 13-year-old.

“I want to visit you,” the streamer reportedly asked an anonymous Twitter user in a private message before requesting “pictures of private parts.”

One fan, Chaoticjayden, who edited stream highlights for the Minecraft content creator, claims they were dating in 2018. She wrote: “At this time, I was 14 and he was 19. I broke up with him shortly after this, but he wanted to continue being friends with benefits.”


“He made sexual comments about me and my body, made jokes, and talked about sex in detail all the time,” Chaoticjayden wrote in her October 26 Twitlonger.

“Even when I told him I was uncomfortable with it. He made many jokes (even on his streams) about me turning 16 because it was legal in his state. He wanted to make plans to visit me where I lived.”

Similar stories continued to spread across social media following the initial outburst. More than a dozen grooming allegations have been leveled against Jikishi at the time of writing.

Upon hearing about these “gross” accusations on Twitter, Dream immediately removed Jikishi from his private Minecraft server. The streamer then reportedly confirmed the accusations against him “were accurate.”


“No questions, no toleration. Disgusted and incredibly disappointed,” the Minecraft star shared on his private Twitter account.

“Will never let things like this stop me from trying to uplift members of the community,” Dream added. “It’s part of what makes our community great. So stick together, be there for people who need it, and always be safe online.”

Dream on Twitter
Twitter: dreamsecretclub
Dream instantly removed Jikishi upon learning of the numerous grooming accusations.

The Minecraft streamer is yet to issue any official response. His final stream prior to being banned from the SMP server was on October 25.