What is Marvel Snap’s Conquest Frenzy and how does it work?

Jake Nichols
Marvel Snap's new game mode Conquest Frenzy

Marvel Snap is once again shaking things up, this time introducing a new event known as Conquest Frenzy. Here’s what you need to know.

This special Conquest Frenzy event offers an opportunity for all Marvel Snap players to earn more Gold Conquest Tickets by merely participating in and winning games.

It’s the first in-game event since the Steampunk Variant Rush Event, which ran throughout March-April and rewarded players with unique cards and art variants.

But what exactly does this new Conquest Frenzy mode mean for the players? Let’s dive in.

Marvel Snap’s Conquest Frenzy explained

As per the recent announcement, a Gold Conquest Ticket can now be unlocked after players secure ten victories in either Ranked or Conquest Mode each day. It’s a move sure to stir up excitement among the player base, especially for players looking forward to an extra layer of motivation for daily participation.

Gold Conquest Tickets serve a significant purpose in Conquest Mode. They enable players to bypass the Proving Grounds and Silver ranks, allowing them to jump straight into Gold, where the action is more intense, and the stakes are much higher.

The announcement of this event is a refreshing, well-timed change, especially considering the backlash Second Dinner received from its players regarding the inflated Conquest Shop prices this season, which increased almost three-fold compared to the previous season.

With the introduction of this new method to earn Gold Tickets, all players now have an equal opportunity to access higher-tier Conquest runs. And ultimately, players can amass more Medals, which can then be used to purchase items from the Conquest Shop. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Conquest Frenzy modeIn-game view of the new Conquest Frenzy event

How to Participate in Conquest Frenzy

Marvel Snap has outlined the following rules for participating in the Conquest Frenzy event:

  • Players must secure 10 wins in either the Ranked mode or Conquest mode to earn a Gold Conquest ticket.
  • The Conquest Frenzy event refreshes daily at 3 am (UTC 0). Players are encouraged to return each day and earn their Gold tickets.
  • Any progress made during the Frenzy and unclaimed rewards will be reset when the Conquest Frenzy event refreshes.
  • The rewards will be directly transferred to the players’ accounts. Players should check Conquest Mode to see their Conquest Tickets.
  • The Conquest Frenzy event will conclude on 7/25/2023 at 2:59:59 AM (UTC 0).

Marvel Snap’s Conquest Frenzy offers an exciting new incentive for all players. The event also encourages players who may have been avoiding Conquest mode to head on over and give it another shot. After all, there are plenty of rewards to be claimed with your hard-earned Medals in the shop.

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