Marvel Snap’s top creators set to clash in Conquerors tournament

Jake Nichols
Marvel Snap Conqueror event

Second Dinner’s Marvel Snap is serving up a unique community event that is sure to spark some friendly competition. On August 1, a special Conquerors tournament will be hosted, bringing together some of the biggest names in Marvel Snap content creation.

Hosted by Cozy and Dekkster, this tournament promises to be a high-speed, high-strategy affair as participants compete in Conquest Mode’s Infinite Run.

The list of participants is as follows:

Read on for more details about the Marvel Snap Conquerors event and how players can unlock a special reward, as well.

Marvel Snap Conquerors Tournament

The Marvel Snap Conquerors tournament promises to be an exciting showcase of skill and strategy. With each content creator competing to complete an Infinite Run of Conquest Mode as quickly as possible, expect to see some of the game’s top players battling it out.

Fans won’t be left on the sidelines, either. They can vote for their favorite content creator, receiving 250 credits and a chance to win a Spectrum variant just by predicting who will complete the Infinite Run the fastest.

So, mark your calendars for August 1 and tune in for the pre-show at 2 PM PT, followed by the main event at 3 PM PT.

Understanding Conquest Mode

In Marvel Snap, Conquest Mode is a competitive twist on the usual Battle Mode. Players duke it out over multiple rounds; not by taking Cubes, but by whittling down their opponent’s health. Starting with 10 health points, players battle until one player’s health is depleted.

Strategy plays a crucial role in Conquest Mode, with each deck containing only 12 cards. Players must adapt their strategy based on their opponent’s playstyle and deck composition.

Conquest Mode features its own unique ranking system, divided into four tiers: Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold, and Infinity. Players advance by piling up wins, and higher tiers offer greater rewards but come at a cost.

Proving Grounds is the entry-level tier, accessible for free and without the risk of losing anything. Progressing to higher tiers like Silver, Gold, or Infinity, however, requires a ticket. Tickets are consumed upon entering these tiers, and if players lose, they must earn a new ticket. For those who prefer a shortcut, there’s an option to bypass the need for a ticket with Gold.

The prestigious Infinity tier is only open for a limited time each month. Those who manage to achieve five consecutive wins here will be awarded an Infinity border for their avatar.

Be sure to watch your favorite Marvel Snap content creators live on August 1 as they battle to become the ultimate conqueror.