Marvel Snap players frustrated with Collector’s Token change in new Spotlight Cache update

Jake Nichols
Marvel Snap reduced tokens and gold

The latest Marvel Snap update on July 12 has left some players unhappy due to the game’s reward system changes.

Second Dinner just introduced a new feature to Marvel Snap, the Spotlight Cache, aiming to provide a fresh and appealing way for players to acquire new cards. However, in doing so, the frequency of Collector’s Tokens – a popular feature among players – has been notably reduced. Gold, too, has been completely removed from Collector’s Caches.

In the previous system, a free-to-play player could amass roughly 4,000 Tokens and around 800 gold monthly. However, the new system provides only about 400 tokens per month and no gold, leaving players grappling with a very different rewards landscape.

The new Spotlight Cache feature appears once players cross the Collection Level (CL) 500 milestone, replacing Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves every 120CL. The intention behind this pivot was to amplify card availability while putting less emphasis on the Token Shop, shifting the game’s dynamics considerably.

Comparing the Marvel Snap progression systems
A comparison of average rewards for a free-to-play player

But not all players are on board with this change. A Reddit discussion titled, “Getting 50 tokens in a cache feels like absolute s***,” serves as a testament to the growing discontent within the community.

Gold rewards, another popular facet of the game, have also been removed, fueling the fire. In response to the question, “How do we get gold now?” one Redditor humorously suggested using the “most powerful card in the game, the Credit card.”

The shared sentiment of dissatisfaction extends to the diminished value of Token rewards. One player posted, “I opened 7 after the patch and got 50 tokens twice and 5 titles. Five. Just fantastic.” Another user added, “Opening a f***ing variant from a spotlight cache equally sucks.”

On the other hand, some players see the changes in a positive light. One supporter countered, “I can’t understand why people would prefer 4,000 tokens over 3 new cards,” hinting at the potentially higher number of new cards attainable with the new system, also attaching a meme making light of the situation.

Despite the mixed reactions, Second Dinner’s objective was to make card acquisition more diverse and engaging.

While the number of Tokens has decreased, the update sought to improve players’ chances of acquiring new cards and exclusive variants. The developers assert that they will observe player behavior and adjust the system accordingly, with a focus on the Gold and Token economy.

However, the spotlight is now on Second Dinner, awaiting their response to the community’s feedback and the adjustments they might make to strike a balance between innovation and player satisfaction.

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