Marvel Snap players are furious over increasingly restrictive Locations

Brad Norton
Marvel Snap Locations

The Marvel Snap community is growing tired of increasingly restrictive Locations that continue to appear with each passing season.

The very premise of any Collectible Card Game (CCG) is to, well, play your cards. That’s obviously true for Marvel Snap as well, though it’s become increasingly more difficult to do so in recent weeks.

Given the game’s reliance on randomized Locations, unique areas with their own rules of engagement, there’s a chance some simply don’t benefit your deck. However, with more and more similarly prohibitive Locations joining the mix, many of which have been Featured or Hot Locations to boot, it’s become a growing concern among the player base.

This issue has only been exacerbated in the latest Guardians Greatest Hits season, with further troublesome Locations added in. For instance, Milano, a Location that only lets you play cards there on Turn 5, is one such area that’s sent the community into a tizzy.

“Oh, another anti-play Location, how innovative,” one player on Reddit chimed in upon seeing Milano’s introduction to the game on May 17. As usual, with the debut of a new Location, it’s immediately Featured, all but guaranteeing its appearance in a vast majority of your matches until the period ends.

Naturally, having an entire lane inaccessible for 83% of almost every match has drawn a great deal of frustration. “Fire the Location dev, please,” being among the top comments that day. “It’s getting ridiculous.”

“Isn’t the point of a card-playing game to actually play cards?” Another player questioned after loading into a truly unfortunate match. With The Sandbar, Miniaturized Lab, and Milano all in focus, their options were extremely limited. “They need to end these terrible locations,” players agreed upon seeing this example.

“Yesterday, I got into a streak of games where every time there was a Location that f***ed my deck in some way,” another player wrote. “You can’t play here, you get rocks, your cards are destroyed if you play here… every game was a retreat because it was completely impossible to string any kind of combo. Stop already with the negative Locations.”

With dozens of Locations currently in the game, there’s obviously meant to be plenty of variety. Though with an increased emphasis on restrictive Locations in particular, devs have all but gone against this design goal and left players with very few options in which to play.

Given how responsive Second Dinner has been up to this point, however, it should only be a matter of time before we hear more on this matter. Perhaps a few Location changes or an influx of more beneficial Locations is in order.

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