Everything in Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits update: New cards, locations, more

Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest HitsTwitter: Marvel Snap

Here are all the new cards, locations, and other changes that dropping throughout the May 2023 season of Marvel Snap, Guardians Greatest Hits.

Ahead of the imminent release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel Snap is commemorating the moment by hosting a Guardians-themed monthly season for May, titled ‘Guardians Greatest Hits.’

This season includes not only new cards, some of which could very well be game-changing and meta-defining, but also several new locations and surprises.

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Here is everything that Marvel Snap has in store for players in the Guardians Greatest Hits update.


Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits season dates

The Guardians Greatest Hits Season began on May 1, 2023 and will run throughout the month of May. The season will end sometime in the last week of May or the first week of June.

The following season’s theme is unknown, but it could be related to the MCU’s Secret Invasion, which is premiering in June 2023.

Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits season pass price

Just like in past seasons, the Premium Season Pass is available for $9.99 USD, unlocking the premium reward track that includes content not available to players on the free track. The Premium+ bundle, which prices at $14.99, skips the first 10 tiers right away to instantly unlock all that content.

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Guardians of the Galaxy theme in new Marvel Snap season

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on May 5, the latest Marvel Snap Season coincides with this next step in the MCU. As you would expect, this means much of the focus for the latest batch of content centers around the upcoming film.

New Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits cards

Five new cards are coming to Marvel Snap as part of the Animals Assembled Season in May 2023.

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Nebula is a 1-cost, 1-power card that gains two power for every turn that your opponent does not play a card at that location (does not count the turn when Nebula is played). This would go great in locations that limit when cards can be played, but it would also pair well with cards that block other locations like Spider-Man and Debris.

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Marvel Snap Nebula cardSecond Dinner

Iron Lad is a 4-cost, 6-power card that copies the text of your deck’s top card. This means that any card’s ability (including ultra-powerful ones like Kang or Ultron) can be played a bit earlier, making him a great addition to any Lockjaw deck.

Marvel Snap Iron Lad cardSecond Dinner

Also arriving this month is Howard the Duck, a 1-cost, 2-power card with the following effect – Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck. This card pairs well with the likes of Iron Lad, giving you more control over how you interact with the arrangement of your deck.

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Marvel Snap Howard the Duck cardSecond Dinner

Next up is the High Evolutionary, a 4-cost, 7-power card who unlocks the potential of all cards in your deck that don’t have abilities. This means that it would fit right in with Patriot decks, which are filled with cards like Shocker and Cyclops, and will get new abilities when the High Evolutionary is played.

Marvel Snap High Evolutionary cardSecond Dinner

Finally, The Living Tribunal is a 6-cost, 4-power card that splits power evenly among all three locations at the end of the game. This means that you could double-down on one location with a bunch of multiplier cards like Black Panther, Wong, and Iron Man to get a massive amount of power at one spot to win all three.

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Marvel Snap The Living Tribunal cardSecond Dinner

New Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits locations

There are two new locations to be added in the Guardians Greatest Hits season.

First is the Deep Space, which disables the text of all cards at this location. This means that cards like even Sunspot and Galactus won’t have any abilities in Deep Space.

The second new location in the Guardians Greatest Hits season will be the Milano, where cards can only be played on turn 5.

Marvel Snap Guardians Greatest Hits Season Pass rewards

Tier 1New Card (Nebula)
Tier 2100 Credits
Tier 325 Nebula Boosters
Tier 4100 Gold
Tier 5200 Credits
Tier 625 Nebula Boosters
Tier 7Mystery Variant
Tier 815 Boosters
Tier 9New Title: Green And Also Mean
Tier 10100 Credits
Tier 11100 Gold
Tier 12New Avatar (Gamora)
Tier 13200 Credits
Tier 1430 Gamora Boosters
Tier 15100 Gold
Tier 1615 Boosters
Tier 17100 Credits
Tier 18Gamora Variant (Guardian)
Tier 19100 Gold
Tier 2030 Gamora Boosters
Tier 2115 Boosters
Tier 22Mystery Variant
Tier 23200 Credits
Tier 2415 Boosters
Tier 25New Card Back
Tier 26200 Credits
Tier 27New Title: Speaks Groot
Tier 28100 Credits
Tier 29100 Gold
Tier 30New Avatar (Star-Lord)
Tier 31200 Credits
Tier 3230 Star-Lord Boosters
Tier 33100 Gold
Tier 34Star-Lord Variant (Annihilation Conquest)
Tier 35200 Credits
Tier 3630 Star-LordBoosters
Tier 37100 Gold
Tier 3825 Boosters
Tier 39100 Credits
Tier 40Mystery Variant
Tier 41200 Credits
Tier 4260 Nebula Boosters
Tier 43200 Credits
Tier 44New Title: Of The Galaxy
Tier 45500 Credits
Tier 46New Avatar (Nebula)
Tier 47Mystery Variant
Tier 48New Card Back
Tier 49500 Gold
Tier 50Nebula Variant (Bartel)
Tier 51 +Season Pass Cache

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