Marvel Snap makes massive change to Featured & Hot Locations

Josh Tyler
Marvel Snap

Featured and Hot Locations will occur less frequently and for less time, reducing variance in Marvel Snap games.

Ranking up in Marvel Snap requires players to construct the strongest possible decks, but the game includes several mechanics that can throw a wrench into even the strongest deck.

Those would be locations, which can favor certain cards or decks based on the bonuses that they provide. So when those locations appear more often, it can favor certain decks or disadvantage others.

Featured and Hot Locations have been controversial because of how they can warp the meta of Marvel Snap, so it’s no surprise that the developer is addressing that pain point.

The Marvel Snap developers have confirmed major changes to Featured and Hot Locations, as they will appear less frequently and less often. There will also be fewer new locations introduced per season.

Currently, Featured Locations appear every Tuesday for 48 hours, and have a 40% chance to appear in a given game. On the other hand, Hot Locations appear every Saturday for just 24 hours and have a 60% chance to appear.

With this change, Marvel Snap is splitting the difference. Featured and Hot Locations will appear for 24 hours and there will be a 50% chance that they will appear in a game.

The response from Marvel Snap players was largely positive, with players expressing their relief that they wouldn’t have to craft their decks around these locations as often.

“Awesome! Great changes,” one player responded in the replies.

Another player said “Definitely a good change! It was frustrating not playing the deck you want 3 days out of 7! Especially when it was a restrictive location. Thank you for listening.”

It’s a sentiment that many players seemed to agree with, however many were disappointed that the announcement that there will be fewer new locations each season, with players questioning whether there would be enough new content coming to keep the game fresh and engaging.