Marvel Snap players frustrated with non-playable locations as they’re “getting out of hand”

the sandbar location in marvel snapMarvel

Locations are at the heart of Marvel Snap’s gameplay, but certain ones are causing problems. As part of the randomized nature of the game, non-playable locations exist. They are supposed to add interesting twists to the gameplay, but their frequency is alarming users.

Even if you’ve assembled your best possible deck in Marvel Snap, there are still a lot of random elements in the game. The game’s simple and easy format uses three locations over the course of its six default turns. They will pretty much change from game to game, and some are liked more than others.

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One type of location that gets more flak though has to be non-playable locations. These hotspots typically block users from moving on certain turns or require special circumstances to place a card there.

As Marvel Snap continues to evolve, the devs continually add new cards and locations. However, players feel that locations need to be looked at moving forward to solve some current issues.

Non-playable Marvel Snaps locations are “seriously detrimental”

Outside of featured and hot locations, Marvel Snap games will use RNG to determine which locations are selected for each game.

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A deck that would absolutely decimate an opponent with one set of locations could be less effective with another set of locations. However, Marvel Snap features an array of locations that will often prevent players from being able to play cards at all.

One Reddit user shared their experience of this happening: “I mean…these locations that don’t allow to play are getting a little out of hand,” they said.

In their game, they showcased a game they had featuring three pretty restrictive locations.

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The first one requires players to play at least two cards to have a chance of playing a card, the second location only allows plays on half the turns, and the final location requires cards without abilities.

The OP had this to say on these types of locations: “2 [restrictive locations] is seriously detrimental already, but getting sh*t like this seriously feels bad. I watched the game like, “Alright. What the hell am I supposed to do now?”

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One player had a useful solution: “They need to set a better rule in general of the randomness of location with the growing number of them I feel like it is time. I feel like they need to separate them into sets and have restrictions on the combination of locations, like you said the “restricted play” location set need to have a limitation of not more than 1 out of the 3 location that are set at the start of the game.”

Marvel Snap continues to be a very successful game in the card-collecting genre. We’ll have to see if locations are looked at moving forward as new items and bundles arrive.

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