Everything in Marvel Snap Into The Quantum Realm update: MODOK card, Ant-Man Quantumania theme

Marvel Snap Into The Quantum Realm Season cover artSecond Dinner / Marvel

With the February 2023 Marvel Snap Season now live, we’ve got a full rundown on everything included in the Ant-Man Quantumania-themed update: Into The Quantum Realm. From the new MODOK card to everything in the Season Pass, here’s what you need to know.

Like clockwork, Marvel Snap gets a flashy new Season each and every month. Occasionally these seasonal updates follow their own themes, like the Savage Land or the Power Cosmic before it, but every now and then, seasons align with the latest MCU release.

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Such is the case in the February 2023 season as Marvel Snap looks to celebrate the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Through a number of new Variants, a new card, and all of the usual season pass rewards, players get to join in on the excitement for the latest flick.

So now that Into The Quantum Realm is underway, be sure to brush up on everything there is to know about the February 2023 Season in Marvel Snap.

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marvel snap savage landMarvel
Marvel Snap’s previous Savage Land season is starting to now in the rear-view mirror.

Marvel Snap February 2023 Season dates

Marvel Snap’s latest Season kicked off on Monday, February 6 at 4PM EST / 7PM PST.

Based on the current Season Pass end date, we can expect this Ant-Man-themed focus to last through until Monday, March 5.

Marvel Snap: Into The Quantum Realm Season Pass price

No different from usual, players don’t have to spend any money on the Season Pass in order to unlock rewards, grabbing a number of goodies without payment via the free rewards track.

However, if you’re looking to grab everything available, you have two options when it comes to unlocking the full Season Pass. First up is the Premium Season Pass available for $9.99, which unlocks the premium reward track. Next is the more expansive option in the Premium+ bundle for $14.99, which skips the first 10 tiers right away.

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Ant-Man Quantumania theme in new Marvel Snap Season

With the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on February 17, the latest Marvel Snap Season coincides with this next step in the MCU. As you would expect, this means much of the focus for the latest batch of content centers around the upcoming film.

Thanks to some early files datamined in the latest build, we already knew some of what to expect from the Season Pass. MODOK headlines the Season Pass with both Ant-Man and Wasp receiving their own unique art Variants.

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Moreover, two unique Ant-Man-themed card backs are also available alongside four fresh avatars pertaining to the new card artwork.

Marvel Snap Ant-Man SeasonMarvel / Second Dinner
Marvel Snap’s latest Season was datamined weeks ahead of launch.

New MODOK card in new Marvel Snap Season

As mentioned above, MODOK headlines the February 2023 Season Pass in Marvel Snap. Here’s how the new card works.

MODOK is a 5-Cost-8-Power card with the following effect. On Reveal: Discard your hand.

Naturally, MODOK seems best suited for Discard decks, with the likes of Hela and Ghost Rider synergizing if you’re able to draw them on turn six. Another great option is to play MODOK with Helicarrier in hand to guarantee multiple options on the final turn. Alternately, MODOK could also be paired with Zero to nullify the effect and simply serve as a beefy five drop.

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Marvel Snap MODOK cardSecond Dinner / Marvel
MODOK crash lands into Marvel Snap’s latest Season.

Marvel Snap Into The Quantum Realm Season Pass Rewards

No different from usual, a new Season Pass means 50 Tiers of new content for you to chase during the Ant-Man-themed season. From a number of new card variants to an assortment of in-game currency, there’s plenty for players to unlock. Below is a full look at everything on offer through the latest Season Pass.

Tier 1New Card (MODOK)
Tier 2100 Credits
Tier 325 MODOK Boosters
Tier 4100 Gold
Tier 5200 Credits
Tier 625 MODOK Boosters
Tier 7Mystery Variant
Tier 815 Boosters
Tier 9New Title: Honey, I Shrunk the Heroes
Tier 10100 Credits
Tier 11100 Gold
Tier 12New Avatar (Ant-Man)
Tier 13200 Credits
Tier 1430 Ant-Man Boosters
Tier 15100 Gold
Tier 1615 Boosters
Tier 17100 Credits
Tier 18Ant-Man Variant (Steampunk)
Tier 19100 Gold
Tier 2030 Ant-Man Boosters
Tier 2115 Boosters
Tier 22Mystery Variant
Tier 23200 Credits
Tier 2415 Boosters
Tier 25New Card Back
Tier 26200 Credits
Tier 27New Title: Couple Cubes Short of a Rank
Tier 28100 Credits
Tier 29100 Gold
Tier 30New Avatar (Wasp)
Tier 31200 Credits
Tier 3230 Wasp Boosters
Tier 33100 Gold
Tier 34Wasp Variant (Steampunk)
Tier 35200 Credits
Tier 3630 Wasp Boosters
Tier 37100 Gold
Tier 3825 Boosters
Tier 39100 Credits
Tier 40Mystery Variant
Tier 41200 Credits
Tier 4260 MODOK Boosters
Tier 43200 Credits
Tier 44New Title: Have I Defeated You Before?
Tier 45500 Credits
Tier 46New Avatar (MODOK)
Tier 47Mystery Variant
Tier 48New Card Back
Tier 49500 Gold
Tier 50MODOK Variant (Assassin)
Tier 51 +Season Pass Cache