Wilds of Eldraine Best Commons: Strongest choices for Pauper format

MTG The fields and the wildsAlayna Danner

We’ll show you the best cards at Common Rarity in Magic the Gathering’s return to the plane of Eldraine.

Wilds of Eldraine comes with a wide variety of rare and powerful cards. But you needn’t break the bank searching for Eldraine’s rarest in order for your decks to perform at their peak.

There are plenty of powerful Commons to be found in Wilds of Eldraine. If you’re looking to update your Pauper decks, or are simply looking for efficient and affordable options, we’ll walk you through the best Common cards that can be found in Wilds of Eldraine

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Wilds of Eldraine Strongest Common Cards

1. Not Dead After all

Wilds of Eldraine Best Commons - Wicked witch returnsWOTC/Randy Vargas

For a single black mana, Not Dead After All effectively saves a single creature from destruction and boosts its power when it comes back to the field.

In any black deck, Not Dead After All is a perfectly fine protective option, but it earns the top spot on this list through competitive relevance. Red/Black is in an extremely powerful position right now, and Not Dead After All is a common that fits in perfectly with some of the strongest competitive decks out there.

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2. Warehouse Tabby

MTG Card featuring a cat and rats in the darknessWOTC/Steve Prescott

Role tokens play a major part in Wilds of Eldraine, and Enchantments are plentiful as a result. Warehouse Tabby can build a huge board presence when played as early as possible, with rats swarming every time an Enchantment hits the battlefield. When played in conjunction with Role effects you’ll never lack for small creatures that can chip away at your foes, and its optional deathtouch protection means that this cat is likely to stick around for quite some time.

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3. Gnawing Crescendo

Wilds of Eldraine Best Commons - pied piper and rat swarmWOTC/Alexey Kruglov

Bringing a ton of versatility for just three mana, Gnawing Crescendo can be a relatively cheap instant-speed option for both offense and defense. Dropping an extra +2 onto all your creatures’ power can really make your opponents think differently about blocking, or take a bigger chunk out of an advancing wall of attackers. Gnawing Crescendo’s second ability works as great insurance against boardwipes to boot, leaving you with a field full of rats and no opponents’ blockers in sight.

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4. Archon’s Glory

Wilds of Eldraine Best Commons - Spectral beast cardWOTC/Anastasia Ovchinnikova

At first glance, a simple +2/+2 to a single creature isn’t nearly enough to justify a top spot, common or not. But with the addition of Bargain to Archon’s Glory, suddenly you have an exceptional single-target boost for a very low cost.
Given the prevalence of minor Enchantments in Wilds of Eldraine through Role tokens, players will almost always have some Bargain fodder on hand. For the cost of one white, +2/+2, flying and lifelink is an incredible buff that can grant you an unexpectedly substantial lead.

5. Spell Stutter

Wilds of Eldraine Best Commons - faerie counters a spellWOTC/Liiga Smilshkalne

Its somewhat niche position as a Faerie typal card prevents Spell Stutter from ranking higher on this list, but it’s a brilliant in-archetype option for Wilds of Eldraine’s iconic creatures.

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Faeries can be capable of swarming the field quickly, and while Spell Stutter may start out as a somewhat limited counterspell, it quickly becomes an insurmountable shut-down to opponents’ attempts to cast.

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