MTG Modern Horizons 3 leak reveals broken new retrace creature

Jack Bye
MTG Wrenn and Six header for Modern Hoirzons 3

MTG Modern Horizons 3’s latest leaks include Six, an iconic living tree that grants Retrace to nonland permanents, one of the most powerful abilities shown in the set so far.

Magic’s Modern Horizons 3 set has seen several leaks prior to Wizards’ spoiler season, but Six has not yet been officially confirmed to be part of the set. We’ll keep you updated on the veracity of the leaks as the launch of Modern Horizons 3 approaches.

MTG fans will know Six as the one-time companion/host of Wrenn, the Dryad Planeswalker. Wrenn bonds with trees to keep herself alive, and this is the first time that players have seen Six without Wrenn present.

Six is useful enough in combat, packing 2/4 stats and Reach to block annoying fliers. It’s also worth using it aggressively, as each time the Creature attacks, its controller can mill 3 cards and add a land from among the milled cards to their hand.

The real strength of Six, however, is in its Retrace ability. While Six is on the field, its controller can recast any of their nonland permanents from the graveyard by paying their mana cost and discarding a land card.

While Magic has many abilities that allow spells to be cast from the graveyard, it is usually a one-time effect. However, Retrace doesn’t exile spells from the grave once they have been cast, allowing them to be Retraced as often as their cost can be paid.

MTG players on Reddit were quick to recognize how strong Six’s Retrace could be. As Commenter RealityPalace said: “Uh, wow, that last ability seems… Impactful.”

Other players were already cooking up combos with Six. Reddit user Prid3 replied to RealityPalace: “Gonna be real fun with Life from the Loam heh.”

The only downside to Retrace is it requiring lands in the hand to discard. However, Retrace is often played in decks and archetypes with recursion abilities like Landfall, allowing players to recast some of their best spells again and again. Six’s attack trigger also works as fuel for Retrace, stocking up on land to be discarded.

Retrace is often used in spellslinger decks, calling back Instants and Sorceries, But Six’s Retrace is bound to nonland permanents. Even with this restriction, fetching back Artifacts, Creatures, and Enchantments is incredibly useful, making it almost impossible for opponents to wear down this ever-regrowing force.