New MTG Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings cards have already leaked

Magic: The Gathering leaks have brought a brand-new look at cards from MTG Universes Beyond: Doctor Who and the Tales from Middle Earth holiday release.

Universes Beyond is having its most successful year in Magic: The Gathering so far, thanks to the overwhelming success of the Lord of the Rings: Tales from Middle Earth. That success is set to continue in the later half of the year, with a LOTR re-release and a brand-new Doctor Who set coming up.

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New cards from each set have leaked out into the wild, and we’re going to give you a close look at these spoilers

MTG Tales From Middle Earth Scene Cards leak

Tales from Middle Earth is shaping up to be MTG’s best-selling set of all time, thanks in no small part to the search for The One Ring. But even with the Ring found, there’s enough life left in Tales from Middle Earth to warrant a rerelease for the holidays.

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The biggest draw of the Tales from Middle Earth holiday release is undoubtedly the scene boxes. When displayed all together, these cards depict an incredible tapestry of Middle Earth, with key scenes from Tolkien’s work given the spotlight.

MTGO Salseo on X (recently rebranded from Twitter) leaked images of three out of the four scenes from the upcoming boxes.

The three new scenes revealed so far display the Witch-King and his Fell Beast, the power of Galadriel, and the strength of the Fellowship.

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The Witch King scene consists of:

  • Call Forth The Tempest
  • Nazgul Battle-Mace
  • Witch-king, Sky Sovereign
  • Mordor on the March
  • Fell Beast of Mordor
  • Minas Morgul, Dark Fortress

The Galadriel scene is made up of:

  • Arboreal Alliance
  • Galadriel, Light of Valinor
  • Rally the Galadhrim
  • Galadriel’s Dismissal
  • Mists of Lorien
  • Galadhrim Brigade

Finally, the Fellowship scene is comprised of:

  • Anduril, Narsil Reforged
  • Aragorn, Hornburg Hero
  • Legolas’s Quick Reflexes
  • Gimli’s Reckless Might
  • Isengard Unleashed
  • Rohirrim Chargers

New Doctor Who MTG cards revealed in leak

Fewer in number than the Lord of the Rings cards, the Doctor Who reveals are still sure to please fans of the series. There are Sagas representing two of the Doctor’s most beloved stories, as well as a fan-favorite companion and iconic villain. Reddit user DopeyDragon shared images of the four new cards.

Weeping Angel

Outside of the Daleks, Cybermen, and The Master, the Weeping Angels have staked an impressive recent claim as Doctor Who’s most well-known villains. Their speed, deadly nature, and odd relationship to being observed are all represented here and make for an excellent unexpected removal option for blue/black decks.

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Donna Noble

Doctor Who fans will no doubt be thrilled to see Donna’s return in the 60th-anniversary specials, but she’s arriving in MTG even earlier. Donna’s abilities have a basis in the near-mystical connection she and the Doctor share, and the combination of her Soulbond and reactive damage are sure to leave opponents weighing up the cost of attacking at all.

The Girl in The Fireplace

One of the Modern Era’s most well-received stories, The Girl in The Fireplace Saga is packed with interesting abilities. Time Travel plays a big part in many of the cards from this set, but the Horsemanship granted by this card can provide some very unexpected evasion to your Doctors, making it a worthy inclusion all by itself.

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Fugitive of The Judoon

Outside of the previously-revealed Flux Saga, Fugitive of The Judoon is the most recent part of Doctor Who to be adapted for Universes Beyond, As the Doctor encounters their mysterious fugitive self, a potential past that they cannot remember. The Saga depicts the stages of the Doctor in hiding as a human, pursued by the Judoon and finally awakened to their memories.

We’ll keep you updated as more cards are revealed from Universes Beyond.

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