MTG Dominaria Remastered collector boosters get price slashed by 30%

Jack Bye
MTG Dominaria booster

Revisit the plane of Dominaria and claim some of its best cards while this collector booster sale is active.

MTG’s most iconic plane is being spotlighted in a sale, as Dominaria Remastered collector boosters are currently going for a bargain.

Dropping 29% from their regular price point at Magic Madhouse, these hard-to-find collector boosters can be picked up now for much less than usual. MTG’s Collector Boosters offer a greater percentage of rare cards, alongside alt-art treatments and other collector’s perks.

MTG Dominaria Remastered cards

With the release of Ravnica Remastered, MTG players have been treated to a true blast from the past. Walking back through the history of Ravnica has had many players looking back on previous MTG Remastered sets.

While Ravnica may be an immensely popular MTG plane, Dominaria is the setting that started it all. As a result, Dominaria Remastered has access to a truly titanic library of great cards from across the history of Magic: The Gathering.

These boosters draw from an incredible 27 sets along Dominaria’s timeline, showcasing cards from many different eras of Magic history. From the first dawn days of Alpha, all the way through to 2018’s Dominaria, these cards are a trip down MTG memory lane for longtime fans, as well as a great entry point for new players.

Dive into Dominaria Remastered today and you’ll be able to appreciate the rich history of the world’s longest-running TCG, and build up your collection of rare cards to boot.

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