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New Power-Up for Dallas Cowboys legend headlines underwhelming Madden 19 Ultimate Team drop

Published: 16/Feb/2019 17:13 Updated: 16/Feb/2019 17:25

by Joe Bartel


Three new Ultimate Legends dropped into Madden 19 Ultimate Team on February 16, continuing a season-long trend of upper-level cards releasing on Saturdays.

It’s hard to suggest the latest round of Ultimate Legends is extremely appealing, as PS4, Xbox One and PC users likely will be more excited to engage in the Team Builders and Team MVP content which was released to overwhelming fanfare just a day prior.

However, at least in the case of Everson Walls, arguably the most impactful Ultimate Legend to join the circuit Saturday, the former Cowboys cornerback will now have an opportunity to join the Power-Up program, helping the likes of Giants and Browns theme teams as well.

Everson Wells got a nice upgrade with the latest Madden Ultimate Team drop.

Walls will essentially need to be powered up to be of any use, unfortunately, as his base 91 speed on the 97 overall item is simply not good enough to keep up with the litany of options available in Madden Ultimate Team at the moment. 

Similar to the criminally unfair ratings on older legend cornerback Mel Blount, EA’s decision to sandbag NFL athletic legends from 30 to 40 years ago is frustrating and doesn’t do justice to some of the premier players of “way” yesteryears.

The legendary LT also received a healthy upgrade in the February 16 Madden Ultimate Team drop.

LaDainian Tomlinson also received an upgrade Saturday, improving dramatically upon his base 93 overall Legends card which dropped in mid-November. 

With the likes of Rookie Premiere 98 overall Saquon Barkley and the newly-minted 97 overall Ricky Williams widely available, it’s difficult to recommend Tomlinson, if only due to more cost-effective options elsewhere.

Already blessed with a Power-Up thanks to his earlier iteration, Tomlinson could easily achieve 99 Speed in a Chargers or Jets theme team, which might persuade a few users to try out the all-time single-season touchdown record holder.

Dawson closed out the latest Ultimate Legends drop.

Dermontti Dawson rounds out the trio of Ultimate Legends, earning the unenviable Limited Time designation. The decision-makers at EA at least had the common decency to make Dawson, who already had a Power-Up version thanks to his 92 overall base Legend which dropped in October, the LTD which should help those interested in acquiring Walls or Tomlinson achieve the feat at a reasonable price.

That last point needs to be repeatedly lauded in the coming weeks, as a number of LTD Legends have become obsolete almost immediately thanks to their inability to receive any sort of noticeable attribute boost and untenable price. So long as EA continues to provide Power-Up means to cards that previously were without them, #MUTSeason, which has been paraded in a litany of MUT streams as of late, might just wind up being a success.

It’s hard to imagine a center really being worth the price of an LTD item, even one as solid attribute-wise as Dawson, and it doesn’t help matters that the Steelers legend only played for one team in his entire career. 

Given this latest upgrade to Dawson is only 97 overall, in line with the two non- LTD items also released on February 16, it seems fair to suggest he’ll see at least one more upgrade at some point throughout the final few months of Madden 19.


Madden NFL launches multi-year collegiate program across 2,500 campuses

Published: 28/Oct/2020 14:06

by Adam Fitch


Electronic Arts and Learfield IMG College have entered a multi-year partnership to find future esports stars at colleges.

Level Next, The College Esports League, is said to support over 2,500 campuses across the United States and starts with Madden NFL 21. Beginning on November 9, registration is open to all college students that are attending a four-year accredited university.

The league will “feature at least one of EA’s esports franchises” and serves as the gaming company’s official home for collegiate esports.

There’s no word on other titles that the league may adopt in the future but EA are also behind FIFA, NHL, and Apex Legends.

Level Next, The College Esports League
Level Next, The College Esports League will initially utilize Madden NFL 21.

Taking collegiate esports to the next level?

An eight-week regular season will lead to playoffs and a culminating championship, with the winning team being named the national champions. The Fall Champions Series will have a $150,000 total prize pool.

The Madden NFL 21 Championship Series is the official top flight of competition for the American football game and includes sponsors such as Pizza Hut, Snickers, Verizon, and Gillette. The 2021 Club Championship, which is part of the series is set to give out $750,000 across its competitors.

“Until now, collegiate esports has been primarily small-scale, community-based and fragmented. This program will bring the excitement and camaraderie of college competition to a new level,” said Todd Sitrin, SVP of EA’s competitive efforts.

“By leveraging EA’s decades of experience at the intersection of traditional sports and esports, and Learfield IMG College’s unprecedented scale and position as the official rights holder for more than 200 universities and conferences, this collaboration will establish a much-needed structure within the collegiate esports ecosystem and help accelerate Madden NFL competitive gaming popularity.”

The ultimate goal of Level Next is to “unify competitive play at universities nationwide,” which also provides a platform for up-and-coming talent to show off their abilities.

Much like in traditional sports, esports organizers are looking to schools and colleges to create a talent pipeline across multiple gaming titles.