How to slide in Madden 22: Controls, when to use it, more

Nick Farrell
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Whether you’re sliding as a QB or a position player, this maneuver is going to be essential for gaining some extra yards when your defenders are closing in on you. Here’s how to fully use the move in Madden 22!

Madden 22 is gearing up to be the most exciting entry into the legendary series in numerous years and EA have announced a flurry of new features including the home X-Factors coming to all stadiums.

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One of the features heavily tweaked in Madden 21 was the controls for certain movements such as sliding. This maneuver is essential for certain scenarios, such as the QB Sneak play call, and when your runner needs to gain a few extra yards.

Here’s how to use the move in Madden 22 and when’s the best time to use it!

Aaron Donald LA Rams Madden 22EA SPORTS
Aaron Donald is by far the best defensive lineman in Madden 22.

How to slide in Madden 22 — PlayStation and Xbox

The controls in order to slide in Madden 22 are rather simple, as they’re going to remain unchanged compared to last year when they received a significant alteration.

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The button players are going to want to hit is the Square or X depending on the platform they’re playing on, but if you hold this button you will immediately dive rather than slide. The dive is effective in certain scenarios, but the slide maneuver is vastly more useful when defenders are closing in on you.

So, you’ll simply need to tap the button, rather than holding it and this will make the player slide across the field similar to if they’re playing baseball!

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When to use sliding in Madden 22

derrick henry in maddenEA
Derrick Henry misses out on the top spot in Madden 22.

There’s certain scenarios for sliding where it’ll be most effective in Madden 22. We’re going to run over some of the best situations down below that’ll gain you a few extra yards.

  • During a QB Sneak, a slide can gain you a yard or two, which is massive for this play, as you don’t want your QB to get injured by an enemy tackler
  • When you are running down the middle of the field with a WR that doesn’t have that much strength
  • When you’re approaching the End Zone, and need a yard or two but can see the defenders in the way. Doing a slide or a hurdle will be beneficial here

Be sure to utilize this move carefully in Madden 22, as you’ll be sure to gain some extra field position over your opponents.

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