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Madden 22 player ratings: Predictions, 99 Club, from Mahomes to Rodgers

Published: 26/Jul/2021 16:56 Updated: 26/Jul/2021 23:52

by Nick Farrell


Every year there are some notable changes to players within Madden, and throughout the NFL season, we got to witness some breakout players who should be getting a massive upgrade this time around. 

Madden has been the premier football game since they debuted the series over 20 years ago, and EA is gearing up to release their biggest title yet with Madden 22. Coming off a couple of decent years, this should be the year EA takes the next step forward with the series.

With changes to Franchise, Face of the Franchise, and overall gameplay changes already announced, we’re yet to know the ratings for all the top players and rookies for Madden 22.


But, we can speculate on how some of the faces of the game will be rated this year.

Justin Fields
Justin Fields has been scanned in for Madden 22!

Madden 22 ratings release date

EA has announced that they’ll be announcing the ratings for all positions over the course of July 26-30, and each day will focus on a different position. Below is an outline of when we’ll get a look at the top players on the gridiron for Madden 22.

  • Monday, July 26
    • Top 10 Wide Receivers with Chad Johnson on First Take and full WR ratings reveal on SportsCenter, with additional coverage breaking down ESPN’s NFL commentators and analyst own Madden ratings on NFL Live
  • Tuesday, July 27
    • Top 10 Defensive Linemen with Vince Wilfork on First Take and live reveal of top 10 Edge Rushers on SportsCenter and NFL Live
  • Wednesday, July 28
    • Top Running Backs with Marshawn Lynch on First Take and full running back ratings reveal on SportsCenter and NFL Live
  • Thursday, July 29
    • Top 10 Safeties with Ed Reed on First Take, with additional ratings revealed on SportsCenter and NFL Live
  • Friday, July 30
    • Top 10 Quarterbacks with Alex Smith on First Take, with additional ratings revealed on SportsCenter and NFL Live

99 Club

The best of the best in the NFL join the 99 OVR club!

The most elusive club within Madden every year is the 99 Club. This is reserved for the highest-rated players in the game, faces such as Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Donald are a shoo-in to once again be the highest-rated players in Madden 22.


Below is a list of all the confirmed players to be a part of the 99 Club for Madden 22.

  • Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers – WR

Top 10 Wide Receivers in Madden 22

Player Team OVR
Allen Robinson Chicago Bears 90
Mike Evans Tampa Bay Buccaneers 91
Amari Cooper Dallas Cowboys 92
Keenan Allen Los Angeles Chargers 93
Michael Thomas New Orleans Saints 94
Julio Jones Tennessee Titans 95
Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills 97
Tyreek Hill Kanas City Chiefs 98
DeAndrew Hopkins Arizona Cardinals 98
Davante Adams Green Bay Packers 99

Top 12 predictions

We are going to run over who we think is going to top out the ratings table for Madden 22, this is based on their recent rating in Madden 21, and how they performed over the course of the season.

12. Tyreek Hill – Kanas City Chiefs – WR – 97 OVR

Cheetah was blazing down the sidelines for the Chiefs this season, as his speed was unquestionably the best in the NFL.

11. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers – QB – 97 OVR

Rodgers won the MVP this past season, and had a bounceback season.

10. Jalan Ramsay – LA Chargers – CB – 97 OVR

Ramsay has been the cornerstone of the Chargers secondary in recent years!

9. Stefon Diggs – Buffalo Bills – WR – 98 OVR

Stefon Diggs was the breakout WR of the year alongside sensational QB Josh Allen.

8. Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns – RE – 98 OVR

Garrett has been outstanding for the Browns since being the first pick a few years ago.

7. Christian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers – RB – 99 OVR

When McCaffrey was on the gridiron last season, he ignited some offense for the otherwise average Panthers team.

6. DeAndre Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals – WR – 99 OVR

EA/Arizona Cardinals
Hopkins was stellar in his first year in Arizona, and produced the catch of the year!

5. Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans – RB – 99 OVR

Henry was a powerhouse this past season. Rushing for over 2000 yards and 17 touchdowns.

4. Travis Kelce – Kanas City Chiefs – TE – 99 OVR

There isn’t any doubt that Kelce is the best TE in the league, and he will once again dawn the 99 OVR club.

3. Davante Adams – Green Bay Packers – WR – 99 OVR

The dynamic duo of Rodgers and Adams led Green Bay to another successful season.

2. Patrick Mahomes – Kanas City Chiefs – QB – 99 OVR

The face of the league is dawning the cover of Madden once again!

1. Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Chargers – DE – 99 OVR

aaron donald
Donald has been praised as the best player in the NFL by his peers for years now, and it’s easy to see why with his perplexing size and skillset.

While there are bound to be some changes this year to players such as Josh Allen, who could creep into the high 90’s, we’ll have to wait and see what EA has in store for us during the ratings reveal week.