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LoL Worlds 2020

DAMWON win LoL Worlds 2020 over Suning: Full results & final placements

Published: 31/Oct/2020 14:29 Updated: 31/Oct/2020 14:44

by Daniel Cleary


After a month of competitive action, the 2020 League of Legends World Championship has finally wrapped up, with DAMWON Gaming defeating Suning 3-1 in the grand final.

The World Championship is the most prestigious event in the League of Legends competitive season and it gathers the best teams from each region to battle it out, in hopes of lifting the Summoner’s Cup.

After an action-packed Worlds playoffs stage, filled with plenty of entertaining matches and upsets, DAMWON Gaming and Suning were left as the final teams remaining and were scheduled to clash on October 31.

Damwon gaming at press conference
Riot Games
DAMWON Gaming was one of the tournament favorites coming into Worlds 2020.

Worlds 2020 Grand Finals recap

While the Korean roster of Damwon Gaming was considered one of the favorites throughout the entire tournament, Suning Gaming has been shocking everyone during Worlds 2020 defeating the likes of Top Esports, JDG, and G2 Esports in their impressive dark horse run.

Both teams came into the grand finals with a bang and the first map was nail-bitingly close up until the final moments. DAMWON managed to secure themselves a 22-minute Infernal Soul but Suning did not go down without a fight, dragging the game out until the LCK representative eventually picked up a clutch teamfight win to close it out.

Map 2 of the finals also delivered some insane highlight moments, such as SofM locking in a Rengar in the jungle and Bin picking up the first-ever Pentakill in a Worlds’ final, with Suning equalizing the series at 1-1.

There was little between the two teams in the final international series of the year but DAMWON’s teamfighting prowess ultimately proved too much for the LPL’s third seed, winning crucial fights around the neutral objectives in Game 3 and 4, to clinch the World Championship.

After years of Korean teams failing to qualify for the Worlds finals, DAMWON Gaming will now cement themselves in Worlds history and will bring the Summoner’s Cup back to the LCK.

Worlds 2020 Playoff results

Quarterfinals Day 1: Thursday, Oct. 15

Match PST EST BST Local
DAMWON 3-0 DRX 4 AM 7 AM 12 PM 7 PM

Quarterfinals Day 2: Friday, Oct. 16

Match PST EST BST Local
Suning 3-1 Gaming 3 AM 6 AM 11 AM 6 PM

Quarterfinals Day 3: Saturday, Oct. 17

Match PST EST BST Local
Fnatic 2-3 Top Esports 3 AM 6 AM 11 AM 6 PM

Quarterfinals Day 4: Sunday, Oct. 18

Match PST EST BST Local
G2 Esports 3-0 Gen.G 3 AM 6 AM 11 PM 6 PM

Semifinals Day 1: Saturday, Oct. 24

Match PST EST BST Local
G2 Esports 1-3 DAMWON 3 AM 6 AM 11 AM 6 PM

Semifinals Day 2: Sunday, Oct. 25

Match PST EST GMT Local
Suning 3-1 Top Esports 3 AM 6 AM 10 AM 6 PM

Grand Final: Saturday, Oct. 31

Match PST EST GMT Local
DAMWON 3-1 Suning 3 AM 6 AM 10 AM 6 PM

Twenty-two of the top teams made their way to Shanghai to compete in the final League of Legends event of the year but this time around there were plenty of unexpected results.

With the likes of Europe’s fourth seed MAD Lions dropping out in the play-in stage and tournament favorites Top Esports also being knocked by Suning, Worlds 2020 has had some shock performances which are reflected in the final placements.

You can find the full placements for Worlds 2020 below.

Worlds 2020 final placements

Place Team Roster
1 DAMWON Gaming Nuguri, Canyon, ShowMaker, Ghost, Beryl
2 Suning Bin, SofM, Angel, huanfeng, SwordArt
3/4 Top Esports 369, Karsa, Knight, JackeyLove, Yuyanjia
3/4 G2 Esports Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz, Mikyx
5/8 DRX Doran, Pyosik, Chovy, Deft, Keria
5/8 JD Gaming Zoom, Kanavi, Yagao, LoKen, LvMao
5/8 Fnatic Bwipo, Selfmade, Nemesis, Rekkles, Hylissang
5/8 Gen.G Rascal, Clid, Bdd, Ruler, Life
9/12 Team Liquid Impact, Broxah, Jensen, Tactical, CoreJJ
9/12 PSG Talon Hanabi, River, Tank, Unified, Kaiwing
9/12 LGD Gaming Langx, Peanut, Xiye, Kramer, Mark
9/12 FlyQuest Solo, Santorin, PowerofEvil, Wildturtle, Ignar
13/16 Machi PK, Gemini, M1ssion, Bruce, Koala
13/16 Rogue Finn, Inspired, Larssen, Hans Sama, Vander
13/16 TSM Broken Blade, Spica, Bjergsen, Doublelift, Biofrost
13/16 Unicorns of Love BOSS, AHaHaCiK, Nomanz, Gadget, SaNTaS
17/18 Legacy Topoon, Babip, Tally, Raes, Isles
17/18 SuperMassive Armut, KaKAO, Bolulu, Zeitnot, SnowFlower
19/20 Rainbow7 Acce, Josedeodo, Aloned, Leza, Shadow
19/20 MAD Lions Orome, Shad0w, Humanoid, Carzzy, Kaiser
21/22 V3 Esports Paz, Bugi, Ace, Archer, Raina
21/22 INTZ Tay, Shini, Envy, MiCaO, RedBert

How to play in Fortnite’s $1M Marvel Super Cup: Dates, format, more

Published: 18/Nov/2020 4:02

by Brad Norton


Fortnite’s Marvel-themed Season is coming to a close and Epic Games is planning to end with a bang as there’s a whopping $1 million tournament right around the corner.

Competitive events can often be hard to break into. However, Fortnite is set to deliver one of the most accessible tournaments yet with an upcoming $1 million Super Cup. Anyone can enter, anyone can play, and anyone can win big in the “ultimate showdown.”

It’s the grand finale of Fortnite Season 4 as the Marvel-centric takeover winds down. You’ll need to play your best games possible, using every heroic and villainous power to your advantage.

From how you can get involved to the specific rules you should be aware of, here’s everything there is to know about the $1M Super Cup.

Fortnite $1M Super Cup Schedule

Fortnite Super Cup
Epic Games
$1M is up for grabs and anyone can jump into the mix on November 21.

The Super Cup event is set to take place across a single day with six hours of action on offer. Kicking off on November 21, the event is broken up into two separate rounds of competition. The first round will play out with thousands of teams as everyone looks to secure a spot among the top of the leaderboards.

Once three hours have passed, the top teams will advance through to round two for another batch of games. The absolute best teams at the culmination of this round will be taking home the lion’s share of the $1M prize pool.

European talent is up first as EU broadcasts kick off at 1PM ET | 10AM PT. Meanwhile, NA East is next in line for the spotlight as that region takes over from 5PM ET | 2PM PT. We’ve embedded the official stream below for your convenience.

How to play in the $1M Super Cup event

Joining the competition and squaring off against the best couldn’t be simpler. On November 21, a new competitive tab will appear in Fortnite’s main menu. So long as your account is registered with 2-Factor-Authentication and your above level 30, you’ll be placed right into the mix.

There are no qualifiers, no hoops to jump through. Simply enter this event playlist in the menu and you’ll be all set to compete for $1M.

Fortnite $1M Super Cup Format

Fortnite Marvel artwork
Epic Games
You’ll need to master everything Season 4 has on offer to come out on top of this tourney.

Throughout each phase of the event, Duos will have three hours to play a maximum of 10 games. Points will be accumulated throughout these games depending on total eliminations and overall placements. A first-place finish is worth 55 points in total.

At the conclusion of the first round, a majority of the competing Duos will be knocked out. Only the top 1,000 from NA East, NA West, Europe, and Brazil will make it through to round two. Meanwhile, only 500 from OCE, Asia, and ME regions will advance.

The best Duos will be handed $3,500 for winning the event in their region, However, some regions will be paying out prizes to every single team all the way through to the 500th best Duo on the day.