T1 crush the West’s hopes at MSI 2024 with clean sweep against G2

Carver Fisher

T1’s set against G2 earlier at MSI 2024 was a close one, with EU’s last hope almost managing to knock the reigning world champs into the lower bracket. But, in their second clash, T1 crushed G2 without dropping a game.

Though the games themselves were fairly close and had a lot of highlight moments from both sides, T1 knew exactly what they needed to do to win every time. Even when Hans Sama’s Draven started snowballing in Game 2, even when G2 earned themselves Dragon Soul in Game 3, T1 still just won.

Caps spoke with me at MSI 2024, saying that his own performance would dictate how well he did and nothing else. And, though Caps had some strong moments in the series, Faker proved he was the better player on the day.

This certainly wasn’t the result G2 was hoping for, especially considering how close they made things look in the prior set. Their 3-0 win over Top Esports earned the team a lot of faith from fans hoping that we’d get something close to what we saw from G2 in 2019.

The members of G2 were crushed, with Broken Blade agreeing to the interview but being unable to speak when he was brought on broadcast. The interview was promptly cut off.

However, he did come back after collecting himself and had this to say:

“I really thought we had a shot at winning, but we have to face reality. And that is we lost 3-0. That means we’re still not good enough. That makes me sad, but that still means we have room to grow.”

Now it’s up to T1 to try and take the MSI title away from two teams that have beaten them in the past; Gen.G bested them in the LCK Final, and BLG bested them earlier at MSI 2024.

G2’s chances of completing the Golden Road are finished, but they still made it to fourth place and managed to take down some of the strongest teams in the world on the way there.

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