LEGO’s stunning NASA Artemis Space Launch System officially goes on sale

Marius Boonzaier
The LEGO Icons NASA Artemis on display

LEGO continues to release spectacular NASA-themed sets, with the latest coming in the shape of the NASA Artemis Space Launch System. Here’s where you can buy it and how much it costs.

LEGO’s portfolio comprises an array of space- and astronomy-inspired sets, ranging from the LEGO x NASA Technic collection and Creator 3-in-1 Space Astronaut to the out-of-this-world Milky Way Galaxy kit, which was recently unveiled alongside something we think is pretty out-of-this-world.

Now, the company has released a new model, which comes in the shape of a brick-built replica of NASA’s Artemis space launch system, and it looks astonishing. 

How much does the LEGO Icons Artemis Space Launch System cost?

Only available at the LEGO Store, this must-have kit should undoubtedly be included as one best LEGO sets exclusive to the LEGO Store and best LEGO Icons sets. The set is priced at $259.99.

An adult with their LEGO Icons NASA Artemis set

Comprising 3601 pieces, this kit will, without a doubt, provide adult LEGO builders aged 18 and up with an enthralling building experience. When the build has been completed, its accurate design and detailing, and sheer size will leave you in awe. 

When this set has been assembled, it stands an impressive 27.5 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. It will make for an eye-catching centerpiece. However, there is much more to this set. 

The model features not only the rocket, with detachable solid-fuel boosters and separating rocket stages, but it also contains a launch tower, which includes retractable umbilicals, and a crew bridge. A LEGO version of the Orion capsule, which featured fold-out solar panels, is also present. 

The LEGO Icons NASA Artemis on galaxy background

We expect this one to sell out almost immediately thanks to its interesting diorama, which could leave even the most experienced builders with a fresh and new building experience. So, as it is finally available, it’s best to grab it now.

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