Major Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leaks reveal new enemies, locations & more

Zelda leaksYouTube: Nintendo of America

A new leak for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gives away some potential plot details for the upcoming sequel, as well as including first looks for many new characters, areas, and new enemies.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. And while Nintendo typically does a very good job of keeping their upcoming games under wraps and maintaining secrecy ahead of release, Tears of the Kingdom leaks are going viral. These spoilers result from images from the sequel’s art book being made public ahead of its release.

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The rest of this article will be touching on plot points from previous games and locations of the Zelda franchise as well as including descriptions of the new images, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Tears of the Kingdom art book leak includes some big spoilers

Zelda leaks Hylian imageReddit: u/Neeklemamp
Tears of the Kingdom appears to include more Hylian characters than BOTW.

The art book leaks, as first reported by NintendoEverything, includes a feast of fresh insight for the new game. Out of context, these images don’t make much sense to casual viewers. However, hardcore Zelda fans have been picking the art book apart, doing their best to gain as much insight into the narrative of the new game as they can.

The images include a first look at some of the new enemies that Link and company will be facing in Tears of the Kingdom as well as different variations of the pre-existing Bokoblin and Lizalfos foes from Breath of the Wild.

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The images also include designs for other characters, some of which appear to be completely new for the sequel. The images include designs for new Sheikah characters as well as some stylish and interesting-looking Hylian. However, it is unclear what role they will play in the sequel. In Breath of the Wild, the Skeikah were largely found within Kakariko village, with series regular Impa aiding Link on his quest.

Zelda leaks ship imageReddit: u/JustJulienOffic
This artwork could be a new temple or dungeon for Tears of the Kingdom.

As well as this, new locations – including what appear to be temples or, at the very least areas of importance – are featured and included throughout the art book. One particular image shows Link aboard a ship that bears a strong resemblance to the Dungeon found with Skyward Sword. Given the connection between the two games, this could be another hint as to the greater importance that Skyward Sword will have in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Time will tell what these images and the artwork really mean for Tears of the Kingdom. However, this leak could be a big hit for the upcoming Zelda game and the secrecy that Nintendo always keeps when it comes to the next entry in their flagship franchise.

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