Wild Rift Vex champion guide: Best builds, ability, upgrades & runes

Wild Rift Vex BuildRiot Games

Wild Rift patch 3.4b is now live and players are looking to learn more about the upcoming AP caster: Vex. Here is everything you need to know about the champion, including the Yordle’s item builds, ability upgrades, and runes.

Wild Rift Vex released on October 27 at 12:01 UTC during patch 3.4b. She plays as a ranged AP caster who utilizes burst damage to take over team fights. Though not the sturdiest of champions, Vex excels at hyper carrying games.

For players looking to learn the new champion, here is a full Wild Rift Vex guide and build to help players pilot the champion.

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Wild Rift Vex Item Build

Recommended Item Build

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Infinity Orb
  • Morellonomicon
  • Meteor Enchant/Stasis Enchant
  • Void Staff

On the whole, Vex benefits from generic ability power items. Luden’s Echo, Infinity Orb, and Rabadon’s are all great items for the castor. After all, the more ability power and magic penetration Vex has, the more effective her burst combo damage will be.

Since Vex loves stacking ability power, the Yordle is often vulnerable to being squashed by the enemy’s carries. This makes Stasis Enchant a solid boot upgrade for defensive capabiltiies, as it provides a moment of invulnerability. Another great option is Meteor Enchant, as it gives Vex some solid damage.

Wild Rift Yone BuildRiot Games
Vex is a very squishy champion

Wild Rift Vex Runes

Recommended Runes

  • Electrocute
  • Weakness
  • Nullifying Orb
  • Hunter – Genius

This particular rune set maximizes Vex’s burst engage play style. In essence, it optimizes her immediate DPS, while increasing how much she’s able to do during those key moments.

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Nullifying Orb helps mitigate her biggest weakness: getting instantly killed, while the other runes are offensively oriented and synergize with her overall kit.

Alternative Runes

  • Phase Rush
  • Giant Slayer/Gathering Storm/Scorch
  • Bone Plating/Hunter – Titan
  • Sweet Tooth/Manaflow Band/Nimbus Cloak

Phase Rush would likely be the best alternative to Electrocute, but Electrocute will almost always provide more utility.

As for the rest of the runes, they’re pretty interchangeable with the recommended runes. Therefore, choose whichever runes fit your personal play style.

Ability Upgrade Priority

  • Mistral Bolt (1) > Personal Space (2) > Looming Darkness (3)

The ability upgrade priority is her first ability, second ability, then third ability. This upgrade priority maximizes Vex’s DPS.