Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood event guide: missions, rewards, more

Andrew Amos
Darius and Draven in Wild Rift

The first major in-game event for Wild Rift is kicking off, Noxian Brotherhood, featuring duo Darius and Draven. You can learn more about them in the event, completing missions along the way to earn some sick rewards ⁠— including unlocking them for free.

They’re a staple in League of Legends, and now they’re coming to Wild Rift. In-game events are a great place to earn tons of rewards, and mobile players can get a taste of that in the Noxian Brotherhood event.

Featuring the newly-released Darius and Draven ⁠— who dropped in Wild Rift patch 1.1 ⁠— the Noxian Brotherhood event gives players a chance to learn more about their history.

However, if you’re not a lore fanatic, there’s still some nice things in it for you.

Santa Draven in League of Legends
Celebrate Draven and Darius’ entry into Wild Rift with the Noxian Brotherhood event.

Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood missions

The Noxian Brotherhood event features a selection of missions players can choose from. To get all the rewards from the event you’ll need to complete all of them, but you can only have three missions active at a time.

Spacing them out across the event is the way to go, given some will take a couple of games to complete:

Mission Objective
To The Death Get 30 takedowns
Glorious Execution Play 4 games, or get a 4+ kill streak
Do I Entertain You? Destroy 12 turrets as a team
Slice and Dice Kill 500 minions as a team, or kill 150 minions
Victory Laurels Win 3 games, or win 1 game as a premade team
The Sentencing Kill 3 Barons as a team
Cut Down In Their Prime Kill 6 dragons as a team
Throwing Power Play 4 games, or Win 1 game as a Marksman
Cleave-Ho Play 4 games, or Win 1 game as a Warrior
Unmatched Power Deal 40,000 damage to enemy champions, or Deal 5,000 damage to enemy champions within 5 seconds
The Might of Hand Play 4 games, or cast your ultimate 12 times in a single game
Brotherly Love Earn 200,000 Gold as a team, or Earn 40,000 Gold

Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood rewards

After completing each mission, players will be gifted a comic page to continue the story of Darius and Draven. However, after reaching a certain number of missions completed, players will also be given extra in-game rewards.

While no skins are on offer, players will be able to pick up one of Darius or Draven for free, a Summoner Icon, border, and some Poro Coins:

Reward Number of Comic Pages
Noxus Summoner Icon 1
50 Poro Coins 3
Darius & Draven Axes Emote 5
Champion Box (Choose Darius or Draven) 7
50 Poro Coins 9
Icon Border 12

When does Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood end?

The Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood event kicked off on December 10, and is expected to run for just shy of two weeks.

You’ll have until December 23, 12am GMT, to complete all the missions and get the rewards. They’ll disappear from the game after this time, so be sure to jump in right away if you want to grab all of what’s on offer.

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