Udyr can detect when enemy junglers take voidgrubs thanks to League voiceline bug

Theo Burman
Udyr buffs days after release

Udyr has an unlikely new ability to sense when the enemy jungler has started taking the voidgrubs, thanks to one of his voice line interactions.

The voidgrubs have quickly become one of the most important objectives for junglers to control in League. Added at the beginning of the season to give top side more early-game relevance, the grubs have powerful snowball potential as they enable your team to capitalise on early lane advantages and get more tower plates.

Riot seems intent on leaning more into voidgrubs as a staple of League, giving them a new buff in the most recent patch, while also raising the limit needed to spawn them from 4 to 5.

With these changes, maintaining control of the grubs is more important than ever, but one champion has a workaround: Udyr.

Because the grubs are technically three separate enemies, the game will hide the fact that a team has killed one of them from the enemy if they don’t have vision, otherwise they’d be able to respond.

However, Udyr has a unique voiceline that plays whenever an epic monster dies on the rift. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, as dragons, heralds and Baron have always immediately notified the whole game that they’ve been killed.

But the grubs are the first epic monsters to have their death notification hidden, meaning Udyr can get some extra intel on what the enemy jungler is doing if the player is paying attention.